PDP Tells Gov Fubara To Disregard Amaewhule’s Seven Day Ultimatum

The Executive Committee of The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Rivers State Chapter has asked the Executive Governor of Rivers State Sir Siminalayi Fubara to take no notice of the baseless, senseless and void-ab initio 7-days ultimatum, to represent the state 2024 Appropriation Budget issued by the Matin Amaewhule’s Committee of friends .

The party said it sees the actions of the group and the said ultimatum as one in futility,  as you cannot place something on nothing and expect it to stand (ex nihilo nihili fit) going by the fact that since the 11th December 2024, Martin Amaewhule and the 24 others ceased to be members of the Rivers State House of Assembly.

The PDP on behalf of the good people of Rivers State urged Governor Fubara to continously call a bluff the ranting of this set of individuals as their actions which are only  aimed at constituting nuisance and distractions will further hit the rocks just as Local Government chairman tenure elongation ploy which  was vehemently struck out by The Court of Appeal. The PDP Rivers State Chapter all drew the attention of the former Assembly members to the popular Latin maxim ” nemo dat quod non habet” which translates as ” you cannot give what you do not have” and advised them to stop heating up the public space with worthless statements.

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