Oyigbo Residents Groan Over Bad Roads

Residents of Oyigbo have called on the Rivers State Government to come to their aid as most roads in the area are beginning to wear horrible look due to the rainy season.

Sources say most roads are now flooded and impassable and residents have made appeal to the government to fix the roads.

A source said thousands of road users in the area go through hell on daily basis meandering through several failed spots which dot the roads.

The source also said a journey which should not take up to five minutes now take two to three hours.

Some of the residents who spoke to our reporter said it was amazing government and its agencies have not seen reason to effect repairs.

The source said commercial buses and Keke drivers inflate transportation cost by staggering 100 per cent because of bad roads.

The source said motorists complain that the bad roads puncture tyres and vehicles break down as a result.

Akpan Michael, a resident and vehicle owner said that the deplorable state of the roads was a nightmare to residents saying bus drivers resort to driving against traffic and putting lives of pedestrians at risk.

He said the pain was not only traffic hold-up but also several Police checkpoints.

He said motorists are calling on the state governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, and the Chairman of the Local Government  Area to come to their aid.

The source listed dreaded spots to include Umusoya Junction, Railway, Izuoma, Army Checkpoint, Curve and Mmirinwanyi adding that there are few good spots along Afam Road.

The source said the only good road in the area was the newly reconstructed Old Aba Road which goes through Oyigbo West and Iriebe to Taps.

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