Herdsmen Attack: Residents Of Ogwuaga Nwangele Yet To Return Home Months After

Several months after deserting their community following massive killings and social unrest occasioned by the activities of herdsmen, and the army allegedly searching for members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the Ogwuaga Abba people and other residents of the community are yet to return home.

The once peaceful community in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State (Orlu Senatorial District) has since then remained a shadow of its old self.

One of the victims of the ugly incident of March 6, 2021, when the unknown gunmen entered Ogwuaga Abba Community whose condition has remained very pathetic to date is the Anele family.

Mrs. Joevita Ifunanya Anele and her daughter, Jessica Adaeze Anele were all direct victims of the unfortunate invasion of the community and since then their lives have never been the same as their family house was utterly destroyed while they escaped by the whiskers.

On that fateful day, investigation revealed, unknown gunmen invaded Ogwuaga Abba community and allegedly began shooting sporadically and burning houses which also resulted in the death of many including a villager whose body was allegedly dismembered by the herdsmen.

Ever since, the entire Orlu community has been turned to an arena of siege by herdsmen whose activities are life-threatening to the people and for fear of being killed have fled their homes and are now refugees in other villages.

It’s been a tale of woes for Mrs. Joevita Anele, her daughter and husband, Mazi Philip Anele, who went out for his regular business that fateful day only to be allegedly attacked by the herdsmen.

The Anele family is still hiding for fear of being killed as many who seem not to support the activities of the herdsmen are being blackmailed as IPOB members or supporters, disposing them to risk of attack amid the increasing rate of violence in the land.

Concerned citizens are therefore calling for urgent intervention by government and security agencies to save the lives of these innocent citizens who are being falsely stigmatized as IPOB supporters aimed at finding cause to kill them.

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