Deputy Italian Ambassador To Nigeria  Visits Rumuchorlu Community

… It’s Historic – Eze Chorlu

Rumuchorlu Community in Rumuokwurusi last week Sunday December 12, played host to a high level Italian Government Official, Dr. Tarek Chazli.

Dr. Tarek Chazli is the Deputy Italian Ambassador to Nigeria.

Eze (Sir) Engr. B.A. Worgu, Paramount Ruler of Rumuchorlu Community who is also the Nyechieli Nvuike I Okwurusi described the visit as historic, saying that was the first time a high-level government official in the hierarchy of Ambassador would visit their community.

Although according to him, Rumuchorlu Community had made an Italian indigene, Engr. G. Massari a citizen of Rumuchorlu, conferred him with a chieftaincy title and brought him into the Rumuchorlu Council of Chiefs, the visit would further boost the long-time relationship between Rumuchorlu and Italy.

He eulogized Chief Engr G. Massari for his contributions to the development of Rumuchorlu community, saying he helped them acquired an ICT centre, donated a 500KVA transformer, offered scholarship to indigent Rumuchorlu indigenes among others.

The Eze Nvuike of Okwurusi told journalists that his community had a history of accommodating strangers, stressing that they exchange ideas on issues.

Dr. Tarek Chazli the Deputy Italian Ambassador to Nigeria said they had a history of interacting with communities, particularly traditional institutions, stressing that tradition play big role in maintaining peace in the society.

He also recalled the long standing relationship between Rumuchorlu and Italy, hinting that an Italian citizen, Chief Engr. G. Massari naturalized and was made a chief in Rumuchorlu.

He commended His Royal Highness, Eze Engr. B. A. Worgu for maintaining gender equality by bringing women into the Rumuchorlu Council of Chiefs.

Speaking to newsmen, a prominent Rumuchorlu son, Sir Chief Nelson Wali said the visit was a culmination of a long standing relationship between Rumuchorlu Community and Italy, stressing that it would create opportunity in business, education, not only for Rumuchorlu people, but for Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality as a whole.

He said the visit was a pointer to Rumuchorlu Community’s prowess in public relation strategy, which he stressed attract strangers to their community.

Chief Wali commended Chief Engr. G. Massari, saying he offers scholarship to 50 (fifty) indigenes of Rumuokwrusi every year.

Chief Omernazu Jackson, the PRO of Rumuchorlu Community, stressed on the relationship between Italy and Rumuchorlu and the benefits Rumuchorlu people had derived from it.

Highlight of the event was the presentation of scintillating traditional dance by Rumuchorlu women in honour of the visiting Deputy Ambassador and his entourage.

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