Obiandu Appreciates  Ike Wigodo, Calls Him ‘Goodman’

In a rare show of camaraderie, frontline Secretary candidate in the just ended Rivers NUJ election, Mr. Madume Obiandu of the Rivers State Television (RSTV) chapel has congratulated his rival and winner in the contest, Mr. Ike Wigodo of The Tide chapel.

Obiandu, whose strong personality reportedly galvanized huge participation of his chapel members in the election displayed the heart of a sportsman while reacting to Mr. Wigodo’s message of appreciation posted on the social media.

After reading the message in which the Rivers NUJ Scribe said he bore no grudge to those who casted their votes ‘the other way’ and that opposition to his candidacy made the exercise thick and interesting, remarked in response: “Good Man, I Appreciate You”.

You see?  That’s the spirit in politics – no permanent friends, no permanent enemies. Only permanent interests!


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