TOF Urges New HYPREP Boss On Way Forward

The establishment of the Hydro-Carbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as an interventionist agency in the devastating Ogoni communities has again been described as a laudable and pragmatic step aimed at safeguarding lives in the affected environment.

What still hangs out in that direction, according to public finding, is lack of convincible achievement that would reduce the colossal loss and mountain of hardship faced by the residents.

Consequently, a popular community-based organization in Rivers State called The Ogoni Frontiers (TOF) has not only welcomed the new leadership of HYPREP under the youthful and respected environmentalist, Dr. Ferdinand Giadom but, it also offered what it described as few and useful tips to make HYPREP go forward.

The organization observed during its first 2022 quarterly meeting in Bori, the traditional headquarters of the Ogonis at the weekend that, the new leadership of the HYPREP would surely enjoy support of the Ogonis and all other stakeholders but advised it to brace up in other to recover lost time and make meaningful impact on their schedule.

TOF asked the Dr. Ferdinard Giadom-led management to realize that, though it was merely few months old on the saddle, there was increased public expectation on them, largely due to past delays in execution of some needy public oriented projects such as water in the disease threatened localities.

The spokesman for TOF, Comrade Alloy Khenom told attendants that the new Project Coordinator in HYPREP, Dr. Ferdinand Giadom would succeed in his assignment if given the necessary tools and free hand to do what he knows better.

Comrade Alloy Khenom, a veteran journalist and former editor of MOSOP Newsletter under the late renowned environmental crusader, Terrh Ken Saro-Wiwa, explained that, Dr. Ferdinard Giadom is armed academically, professionally and practically to translate the UNEP philosophy into plausible reality within unbelievably short distance time, provided he gets  the necessary tools which include enough time in office, resources and mutual support from communities and stakeholders.

He advised the new project Coordinator to expedite action on provision of potable water, skills acquisition and empowerment for youths, accord little or no attention whatsoever to destructive criticisms in other to avoid distractions. He was also advised to execute actions within the UNEP framework and always rally round Jah’s seat as his utmost benefactor and protector.

The veteran journalist and public commentator told reporters that, as a geologist, former UNEP consultant and specialist in both natural and environmental assessment issues, Dr. Giadom is evidently armed to deliver the goal with public prayers.

Also speaking, an adviser with TOF, Elder Bassey Otudor (JP) urged the new project Coordinator to work with confidence and fear of God, assuring that he would enjoy massive support from the TOF.

Elder Otudor used the opportunity, on behalf of TOF to congratulate Dr. Giadom on his appointment and swearing it.

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