Young Talented Nigerian Fabricates Mini Amoured Car

…Solicits Financial Support

Young talented Wisdom Eze, a native of Ebonyi State was the cynosure of all eyes last week Thursday as he wheeled a mini amoured car he fabricated with local materials along the Railway Axis of Mile I Market, Port Harcourt.

Market women, young artisans and other categories of traders had trooped out to appreciate the young genius, showering him with gifts.

Wisdom told National Network that he constructed his prototype amoured car with scrap iron materials he collected from waste bins.

He had used hammer and chisel to smoothen the rough scrap irons which he welded together as body of the vehicle.

The mechanical system of the armoured car he told our reporter, included a propeller and fan belt which he put together with electrical wires powering the cobbled materials with a discarded motor battery which he had re-worked and recharged in his own way.

The lethal looking gun, or was it grenade he constructed and attached on top of the rustic vehicle put fear in the traders who felt it could go off and harm them.

Wisdom said he used five days to accomplish this prodigious task, stressing that if he had materials readily available he could do it in three days.

The Ebonyi State born bundle of talents told National Network that he could create technological wonders if supported financially.

He appealed to well-to-do individuals, corporate organizations and government at all levels to assist him to nurture his talent and use it for the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians.

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