As Rivers PDP Conducts Primaries: State, National Assembly Candidates Emerge

With the Governorship Primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) expected to hold Wednesday, May 25, 2022, across the country, it was a case of different strokes for different folks in Rivers State, as the party conducted its State and National Assembly primaries on Sunday, May 22, 2022 and Monday, May 23, 2022 respectively.

Like the late Igbo highlife maestro, King Oliver De Coque sang in one of his hit tunes, ‘Osondi, Owendi, it has been mixed feelings in the camps of the PDP aspirants.  While wild jubilations rock the camp of the winners, the losers appear to have licked their wounds, to try again, may be by year 2027!  Afterall, it’s a mere internal party affair to elect those who nullify the PDP flag to lead the ‘fight’ against the opposition parties during the 2023 general elections.

Although the rumour mill had declared some aspirants as having been ‘anointed’ by the powers that be and were merely waiting for the D-day to be handed the party ticket, others who purchased nomination and interest forms and were dully screened and cleared, had brazed up to give the primaries a good run for their money.

Both State and National Assembly Primaries saw the return of incumbents like in Ahoada East Constituency 1, Rt. Hon. Edison Ehe; Akuku Tori 1, Hon. Major Jack; Asari Toru 2, Hon. Enemi Alabo George; Gokana, Hon. Dumle Maol; Obio Akpor 1, Hon. Amaewhule Martin Chike; Port Harcourt 2, Hon. Tonye Smart Adoki and Port Harcourt 3, Hon.Azeru Opara.

There were however, some surprises in areas like Andoni Constituency where House Speaker, Rt. Hon. Ikuinyi Ibani was displaced by Ofiks Kabangs Christopher; Hon. Sam Oge, Emohua Constituency displaced by Chief Mrs. Justina Emeji; and Hon. Anselem Ogugua, Ikwerre Constituency displaced by Prince Lemchi Nyeche;

The case of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Constituency 1 and 2 where neither Hon. Christian Ahiakwo and Nathaniel Owaji made a come back but gave way to Franklin Nwabochi and Mrs. Nkemjika Ezekwe is another surprise.  But, kudos to the former Chairman of Oyigbo Local Government Area, Hon. Gerald Oforji who upgraded his political profile by picking the ticket of the PDP for Oyigbo Constituency at the State Assembly.

In Khana Local Government Area, both Assembly members representing Khana Constituency 1 and 2 could not return.  In Khana Constituency 1, Mr. Barile Nwakoh won to replace Hon. Bariene Deeyah, while in Khana Constituency 2, Hon. Dinebari Loolo also won to replace Hon. Prince Ngbor, popularly called Pikoro.

The House of Representatives Primaries was not left out of the equation as only five of them may be returning if they win the elections in 2023. They include Rep. Awaji Inombek Abiante (Andoni/Opobo Nkoro); Rep Boma Goodhead (Asari Toru/Akuku Toru); Rep Boniface Emerengwa (Ikwerre/Emohua); Rt. Hon. Dumnamene Dekor (Khana/Gokana) and Rep Kingsley Ogundu Chinda (Obio Akpor). 

Like the embattled Hon. Farah Dagogo (Degema/Bonny) did three years ago by going from the State to the National Assembly, Hon. Kelechi Nwogu has been handed the ticket to contest for Etche Omuma Federal Constituency, and he is on way to make history if he wins the election.

For the Senatorial Primaries, Senator Barry Mpigi retained the ticket for Rivers South East and may be returning if he wins the election in 2023.  However, two surprise entrants into the race would be Rivers Deputy Governor, Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo who clinched the ticket for Rivers West; and Sir. Allwell Onyeso who would be taking the seat hitherto occupied at the Senate by long serving Senator George Thompson Sekibo, if he makes it in the election.


1. Abua/Odual – Dominic Iderima
2. Ahoada East 1 – Mrs Queen Williams.
3. Ahoada East 2 – Rt Hon Ehe O. Edison.
4. Ahoada West – Sokari Goodboy Sokari.
5. Akukutoru 1 – Major Jack.
6. Akukutoru 2 – Opuende Lolo Isaiah.
7. Andoni – Ofiks Kabangs Christopher.
8. Asaritoru 1 – Tekena Wellington Granville.
9. Asari-Toru 2 – Enemi Alabo George.
10. Bonny – Victor Oko Jumbo.
11. Degema – Abbey Peter.
12. Eleme – Igwe Obey Aforji.
13. Emohua – Chief/Mrs Justina Emeji.
14. Etche 1 – Onwuka Ignatius.
15. Etche 2 – Chimezie Nwankwo.
16. Gokana – Dumle Maol.
17. Ikwerre 1 – Prince Lemchi Nyeche.
10. Khana 1 – Mrs Barile Nwakoh.
19. Khana 2 – Barr. Dinebari Loolo.
20. Obio/Akpor 1 – Amaewhule Martin Chike.
21. Obio/Akpor 2 – Mrs Emilia Lucky Amadi.
22. Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni 1 – Frankline U. Nwabochi.
23. Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni 2 – Mrs Nkemjika I. Ezekwe.
24. Ogu/Bolo – Davids Anold Okobiriari.
25. Okrika – Somiari Stewart Linda.
26. Omuma – Nwankwo Sylvanus.
27. Opobo/Nkoro – Orubienimigha Adolphus T..
28. Oyigbo – Gerald Oforji.
29. Port Harcourt 1 – Solomon Wami.
30. Port Harcourt 2 – Tonye Smart Adoki.
31. Port Harcourt 3 – Azeru Opara.
32. Tai – Ngbar Bernard Baridamue.


1. Rivers West – Dr. (Mrs) Ipalibo Harry Banigo
2. Rivers East – Sir Allwell Onyesoh
3. Rivers South-East  – Senator Barry Mpigi


1. Abua/Odual/Ahoada East – Solomon Bob
2. Ahoada West/Ogba/Egbema – Victor Obuzor
3. Andoni/Opobo – Awaji Inombek Abiante
4. Asari-Toru/Akuku-Toru – Boma Goodhead
5. Degema/Bonny – Cyril Godwin Hart
6. Eleme/Tai/Oyigbo – Felix Nwaeke
7. Ikwerre/Emohua. – Boniface Emerengwa
8. Etche/Omuma – Kelechi Nwogu
9. Khana/Gokana – Dumnamene Dekor
10. Obio/Akpor – Kingsley Ogundu Chinda
11. Okrika/Ogu Bolo – Alabo Victor Tamunomiekaye
12. Port Harcourt 2 – Chima Boms
13. Port Harcourt 1 – Barr Mrs Blessing Amadi

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