World Environment Day: AIFES Draws Attention To Threats To Environment

In keeping with one of our key objectives and Policy Brief, the African Indigenous Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development, AIFES, has joined the United Nations and concerned Peoples around the globe to draw attention to the ‘alarm bells’ and continuous threats to the environment as a result of unfriendly human activities and natural occurrences, including Climate Change,in commemoration of this year’s World Environment Day.

Focusing on the 2022 Theme, “Only One Earth,” AIFES is also calling on all individuals, groups, institutions and governments all over the world to act responsively by ensuring that their activities are environmentally friendly, safe and do not destroy nature.

According to AIFES, points to the fact that we have only one home called Earth which means that we must do all in our powers collectively and individually to protect Mother Earth and secure it for future generations. “This year’s theme draws serious concern to the need for redoubled collaboration and commitment to save the Earth, protect our planet and ensure our generation and future generations have a safe, healthy place to live and grow”.

“According to recent UN reports, climate crisis is increasing rapidly than envisaged, with 50 per cent possibility that global warming will exceed the current levels in the next five years. This is combined with widespread biodiversity loss which shows that 1million species are threatened with extinction.

“AIFES aligns with the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, who said the rampant pollution create a “triple planetary crisis” that threatens humanity future.According to him, “We can no longer ignore the alarm bells that ring louder every day. The only way forward is to work with nature, not against it”.

In marking this year’s World Environment Day, some activities have been planned to be carried out during the week. They include, Planting of Trees; and sensitizing the locals on the need to protect the Environment on a Live Radio Programme, Radio Nigeria (Treasure FM 98.5) on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, by 5pm. These activities will be concluded with an International Media Briefing.

“AIFES is much concerned about addressing the accelerating heat waves, droughts, floods, wildfires, pandemics, polluted water and air, plastic-ridden streams, canals/waterways, deforestation, Emission of Carbon, Gas flaring, pollution to the hole in the ozone layer, etc, all of which have placed the planet on “Emergency Mode”.

“In view of the above, AIFES demands a just Energy transmission; aligns strategy with Paris Agreement; says No to Carbon Emission; No to Shell’s Transition Strategy; No to Global Warming; No to Fossil Fuel Expansion; No to Environmental Degradation; and No to Destruction of Livelihoods.

“As these situations continue to confront the human race and the environment, we believe with our genuine commitment to working with nature, not against it, and not giving dead ears to the ‘alarm bells’, the threats, we shall overcome and live sustainably in harmony with nature”.


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