My Aim Is To Sponsor Impactful Bills In National Assembly – Owhonda

The All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for the PHALGA Federal Constituency II, Sir Collyns Owhonda has promised to give his people effective representation if elected at the 2023 general elections.

Speaking to newsmen on his vision for the people of his constituency on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at his Port Harcourt residence, he said his focus would be in the area of accommodation for people, job creation and security.

Sir Owhonda said he wants to be a lawmaker in order to sponsor bills that will help proffer solutions to the Nigerian economy and not what he will benefit as an individual.

He stressed that with the realities on ground, there is need for practical and innovative solutions to address the challenges confronting the people. “My wealth of experience is what I will bring to bear, as regards making laws,” he said.

Sir Owhonda who is also a fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers, urged the electorate not to waver but to remain resolute in voting for credible individuals that will always be there for them at all time.

His words: “I can beat my chest that in this constituency a lot of people love me but they believe that I belong to a wrong party, which is a wrong idea. What should be considered is the candidate you are sending the message and not party. Choose who you think is capable of representing you, who is ready to share the little he has.

Even without occupying any political position, I have been helping people with money I earn from my profession. If I have the opportunity like those that have been there I will help more.

The choice is for them to choose between someone who has open hands and the person that will use them and dump them after election. So I urge them to choose wisely.

He assured the people of PHALGA Constituency II of his strong will to take tough decisions and implement effective strategies to bring about a robust security management system in the area.

He further hinted that he hopes to achieve that by ensuring that the state government establishes companies that will be beneficial to the people and also create an enabling environment for investors to come in and invest in the state.

Sir Owhonda is also worried about the issue of unemployment in the state, which he said is the reason for the harassment of companies by youths who make unnecessarily demands and block the gates of those companies, etc.

He blamed the problem in Nigeria on the wrong persons occupying political offices for selfish and personnel interests.

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