Rivers People, Residents Speak On Threat To Start Impeachment Proceedings Against President Buhari After Eight Weeks Ultimatum

PDP Senators and House of Representatives Caucus of  the party as well as some members of the APC and APGA have given President Muhammadu Buhari six to eight weeks ultimatum to deal with insecurity in the country or they’ll start impeachment proceedings against him. In this vox pop conducted by our Senior Correspondent James Febebebo, Rivers people and residents bare their minds on the issue:

It’s Either Buhari Goes Or He Does Something To Secure Nigerians – Hon. Nwuke Anucha, Former Council Chairman, Omuma LGA

Hon. Nwuke Anucha

I applaud them so much even though it’s late. If I was in the National Assembly I could have moved that motion before now. The President has done everything for National Assembly to initiate impeachment notice. Anyway, they say when you wake up it’s your morning. We believe that this time the National Assembly is getting up and I want to say this is not party issue. Even though we say PDP or minority party members are carrying it on, it’s supposed to involve every member of Senate and House of Representatives to show that they are actually representing their people because that is what the people are saying in their various wards, in their various homes, in their various churches and markets – they are saying Buhari should go. Buhari has nothing for Nigerians. He should go and that is what the National Assembly is there for, to say the mind of the people. So we applaud them. We believe God they will achieve something. It’s either Buhari goes or he does something to secure us.

 The President Has Not Demonstrated Political Will To Defeat Those Responsible For Insecurity – Mr Bomo Itoyio

Mr Bomo Itoyio

The issue is that as a person I am worried because for every one life lost the effect is colossal. You cannot quantify life with anything otherwise I would have said that let him stay there and exhaust everything that he has to offer Nigerians. I would say that there’s nothing wrong in the PDP Senators and other senators and other persons, who are calling that he has to do something in that direction otherwise impeachment proceedings would commence. If the killings continue you can imagine how many persons would have lost their lives. I think he has to do something. If he does not do it then let him come out clearly and say that the security challenge has overwhelmed him and let him throw in the towel for someone that would come and show commitment in this fight. As far as I’m concerned there’s no political will that the President has demonstrated in overcoming this problem. If he makes up his mind and say that he wants to arrest this problem, I don’t think Boko Haram or the herdsmen or whatever they call themselves can overwhelm our security architecture. Also in selecting heads of security, there should be balance where no ethnic group would unnecessarily dominate the security space. When they are selecting who should head any security outfit, it should cut across the entire spectrum of the ethnic nationalities we have to avoid seeming semblance that a particular ethnic group is producing far more of the security heads than others.

It’s A Timely Warning – Pastor Ebah Emmanuel

Pastor Ebah Emmanuel

Practically, I don’t see impeachment working out in our democratic setting. It’s a timely warning because of the overburdening challenges of insecurity in the country. We are so frightened. Any form of warning extended to the Presidency is very, very timely. We have the capability. The lame excuse of saying if we kill the terrorists we may end up killing their abductees, we can no longer take it because the terrorists have taken it now as their cover as what is weakening the Army. If we eliminate them from a forest we may end up killing their captives so federal government has surrendered. It means they will not attack them at any time. It’s given them that assurances that they will never be attacked from the air or the ground so long as they assume there are captives there to protect them. I don’t believe he can be impeached but it’s a timely warning.

Impeaching The President Is One Of The Most Difficult Things To Think Of In Nigeria – Pureh Kalango, Convener, RG23 Movement

Pureh Kalango

I think it’s long overdue. It shows he’s tired of the situation, he’s tired of the challenge that Nigeria is going through. He met Nigeria not so good but Nigeria is worse. Someone described Nigeria as a failed state. For me, Nigeria is driving toward being a failed state. We are 80 per cent there. I know the way the Nigerian system works. Impeaching the President is one of the most difficult things to think of. I don’t think it’s possible to impeach him. However, I think it would be a good move because President Muhammadu Buhari has failed Nigeria in every ramification, in every sector. Nothing is working in Nigeria. I love what the Senators are doing. I see a mass defection from the APC to the PDP because people have seen a failed government and people are tired of going there. 

Impeaching The President May Affect Next Year’s Election – Chukwudi Ijeoma

Chukwudi Ijeoma

I’m not seeing that impeachment giving us better result now than for him to see how he will beef up the security condition in Nigeria. Impeaching him will not help us. It means that when he’s impeached probably the election of 2023 will not hold. That is what is going to happen. So let him stay there and beef up the security situation.

National Assembly Can Impeach The President If He Fails In His Responsibilities – Omeoka Abigail Augustine

Omeoka Abigail Augustine

I think the law should take its course. It’s necessary. Whatever they decide we are with them. Of course, if the President is not able to give us what we want, they can impeach him. That should be the law and that should have taken place long before now.

National Assembly Should Start Impeachment Proceedings After The Ultimatum – Hon. Wisdom Ogan

Hon. Wisdom Ogan

Insecurity started immediately this President took over government. So I want to thank the National Assembly but it’s so late. This thing should have been done before now because Nigerians have died, Nigerians are in trauma. They the APC have seen that the change is no more working so if the President would not do the needful the National Assembly should do the needful.

It’s A Call-Up For The President To Quickly Tackle Insecurity – Hon. Abiye Davies, Former Council Chairman, Degema LGA 

Hon. Abiye Davies

Every person says he’s a military General but a military General now has disappointed Nigerians. So this thing they are doing is just a call-up for him to act fast over what is happening. I don’t think they really want to impeach him. It’s just a call-up for him to act fast and make sure that he stops this problem we are having because the problem is too much.

It’s Too Late To Impeach The President – Anonymous

It’s too late to impeach him. They should have impeached him for long. It’s more than too late to impeach him. Anybody that is not worried by the insecurity is not a human being. The situation in our country is in God’s hand. To rebuild the country is more serious than to build a new one.

It’s A Wake-Up Call For The President – Kennedy Siraka

Kennedy Siraka

I think it’s a wake-up call for the federal government and the President himself because the insecurity especially in the South-East and North-East is getting to a point where it’s becoming unbearable. I don’t think such a thing can happen in the UK or DC that we can say terrorists are holding hostage a capital city. So it really makes us feel like the President is not capable of leading the country as it stands. So it’s a wake –up call. If he cannot handle the situation then I think they should do what they are being called to do.

Nigerians Are Unhappy Because Of Insecurity – Francis Emeka Okafor

Francis Emeka Okafor

All of us know that insecurity has taken the whole of Nigeria. No Nigerian is happy because of insecurity. We have been trying to see if the President can do anything but if he does not do anything any other person can do it.

They Should Impeach The President Because Nigerians Are Not Safe  – Mr Kenneth Chuku

Mr Kenneth Chuku

They Should impeach the President because he’s not trying. Buhari has failed us. If they can attck Abuja where it has all the security agencies then what happens to the rest of the country? There’s insecurity everywhere. We are not safe. He promised us that things would get better but since then everybody is suffering. To impeach him is the best. Let him leave the office. He’s not trying


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