It’s Time We Harness Potentials Of Oyorokoto Fishing Port – Labour Party Candidate

The Labour Party Candidate for Andoni, Opobo/Nkoro Federal Constituency, Mr. Igbanam Silas Eneyo has stressed the need to harness the enviable tourism potentials of Oyorokoto Fishing Port in Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State for the benefit of the people.

He explained that as the largest fishing port in West African coast, there are a lot of socio-economic potentials for the locals, the state and the national.

Speaking at a dinner chat with media men organized by his team in Port Harcourt, Eneyo bemoaned the high level of underdevelopment of the port.

According to him “two weeks ago, I took a boat ride to Oyorokoto just at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and I stopped there and walked along. I was disappointed by the level of backwardness of the largest fishing port in West African coast”, he amented.

“There was no electricity to power the system so that fishermen can preserve their catch for ready market, to reduce the level of product damage in an area where fishing is the common occupation of the people. And I ask, what does it cost the government to install cold room and ready market”, he said.

Eneyo, who is occupational health and safety professional, holds Executive Masters in Business Administrations and runs businesses with interest in marine.

He disclosed that his adventure into partisan politics is predicted by his passion to help provide basic solutions to challenges confronting the people of his constituency.

He stressed the need for the government to expedite actions towards transforming the fishing port believed to be the fishing hub of the state and the nation.

He expressed dismay at a situation where Nigeria imports tons of fish from other countries, when the largest port in West Africa is here and cannot be fully harnessed for local consumption and export gains.

He lamented that inspite of their huge contributions to the national revenue, there is a very high level of poverty, backwardness, environmental degradation and absence of basic amenities like electricity, roads, education and healthcare in Andoni, Opobo/Nkoro federal constituency.

He blamed the poor situation on lack of love and patriotism by those who represented the area in government, noting that inspite of the fact that Andoni had over the years been having their representatives at strategic positions in government but they failed to attract development to the people, because the representatives do not love their people and that one cannot give what he or she does not have.

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