Alleged Rape: Orderly Room Trial Stalled Over Absence Of Witness

The orderly room trial of Inspector Salihu Kazeem accused of stripping, taking nude videos and raping of a 17 and 18 years old girls in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area after accusing them of stealing his money when he gave them his ATM card was stalled on Tuesday due to absence of the 17,18 years old girls and their witness.

Our reporter who was at Police headquarters, Moscow Road reports that the Police Officer who had been in detention was already prepared for the orderly room trial but the girls were absent.

IK Alexander, a lawyer who has been following up the matter in an interview with Journalists said: “We did not see the girls who accused the officer, they are nowhere to be found .We called them this morning. They said they were coming and we waited for them, we did not see them.

“They are supposed to be here to substantiate their allegation against the officer so that the orderly room trial will commence.

“We are following up to ensure that justice is done at the end of the day but since the girls are not here there is nothing we can do about it. We are looking forward to see whether there is going to be a subsequent date for the orderly room trial to be carried out”.

Recall that the Police officer had denied stripping the girls naked, taking nude videos and raping the girls but he admitted having consensual sex with the girls which he paid for.

The officer also claimed the girls stole his money which the girls had earlier denied.

 Commissioner of Police, CP Eboka Friday had ordered for the detention of the Police Inspector and subsequent investigation of the matter with a view to serving justice on the matter.

A Police source familiar with the workings of the Police Internal disciplinary measures told our reporter that the alleged victims of rape must come forward to testify in the orderly room trial to give credence to the statements they wrote earlier.

The source revealed that the officer will not be liable to any alleged crime against him if the alleged victims did not show up for the orderly room trial.

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