Horror As Wife Stabs Husband To Death In Rivers

A lady identified as Perpetual Onyekachi has allegedly stabbed her husband, Okoro Ndukwu Okoro, to death at Omoku community in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area of Rivers State.

National Network gathered that the incident happened a week ago after a heated argument which led to a fight, according to an online post made by Ajah Alexander Ajahude, a close friend of the deceased.

The couple was said to be secondary school sweethearts and hailed from Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

Ajahude, in a Facebook post dated November 11, 2022, said the couple had a misunderstanding on Thursday morning, November 10.

“An impact on the lives of people. There is need to maintain a balance between people and their environment as unfavourable shifts may result to undesired results. Perpetual Onyekachi that stabbed her husband Okoro Ndukwu Okoro,” he wrote.

“There was misunderstanding between the couples, friends like Ekuma Akanu Isu went there for peaceful talk that yesterday morning being 10th  November 2022, but it seems the couples didn’t embrace peace, later on a fight occurred resulting to Onyekachi stabbing Okoro on his stomach.

“Okoro was covering the wound with his hand and managed to call Eseni Dick Ukpai who rush to the resident with his bike and picked Okoro with his bike, reaching Ikiri Road Junction in Omoku, Okoro told Eseni that he cannot make it to the hospital. Eseni tried harder and they got to hospital. Okoro was rushed for treatment but the nurses demanded blood transfusion which Eseni willingly accepted to donate but it was too late for Okoro to endure the pains so he gave up around 4pm yesterday evening. He was moved to the mortuary few minutes to 9pm.

“Okoposi youths picked Onyekachi and sumbitted her to Omoku Police Division. Today, Asaga Progressive Union will discuss on way to take Okoro to his hometown in Asaga Amangwu Edda in Afikpo South of Ebonyi State for burial.

“Onyekachi from Amangwu Edda. Okoro from Asaga Amangwu Edda. Both from Afikpo south local government Area of Ebonyi state both reside in okposi omoku in Onelga of Rivers State.”

A family member of the deceased confirmed the incident in a Facebook post.

“Onyekachi why! why!! why!!! it’s so unbearable, so painful and still i can’t believe that u have the wicked mind to stab my brother, your husband, the person you so called your love, the same community and also your classmate to death. Onyekachi you kept the whole community sleepless night. Onyekachi where is the love again. Ozaa 13 where is the love again? RIP my beloved brother. RIP my gentle guy” he wrote.

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