Mgbuesilaru Community Rejects Walison As Youth Leader of Ekinigbo

Mgbuesilaru Community, one of the components of Ekinigbo Clan, say they were not happy with the alleged imposition of Charles Walison, an indigene of Mgbuadu community as Youth President-General of Ekinigbo Clan.

Speaking through a community source who didn’t want his name in print for now, the indigenes disclosed that it’s the turn of Mgbuesilaru to occupy the Youth President-General position based on existing arrangements.

According to him, Rumuomoi, Mgbuadu and Nkpolu communities which were other components of Ekinigbo had taken their turns, stressing that the position should now be for Mgbuesilaru community which had not occupied it since it was introduced in Ekinigbo. He said Nkpolu had just finished their tenure and when it was to be handed over to Mgbuesilaru, they gave it to Mgbuadu indigene.

He alleged that Chief Billy Owhondah single-handedly imposed Charles Walison, an indigene of Mgbuadu who he described as his boy on Ekinigbo people as Youth President-General. He further alleged that Chief Owhondah imposed Charles Walison in order to use him to protect his interests and those of his cabal members, stressing that what he did was capable of causing crisis in Ekinigbo.

According to him, some Mgbuadu indigenes who knew it was the turn of Mgbuesilaru Community to produce the Youth President-General of Ekinigbo objected to the handpicking of Charles Walison.

The imposition he said has sparked off row, saying the youths and women of Mgbuesilaru were gearing up for protest to the palace of Eze Oha Apara, His Royal Majesty, King Chike Amadi Worlu Wodo JP to press it on him to reverse the action of Chief Billy Owhondah, describing it as great injustice.

“For equity and justice, we want this reversed, or Mgbuesilaru people will count themselves out from Ekinigbo as we are no longer considered as an important segment of the Clan,” the source said.

“For now, we will not take further actions on the matter as we trust that His Majesty who dislikes injustice will do the needful and give Mgbuesilaru people a sense of belonging in Ekinigbo Clan,” he further said.

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