Oroakwo Mgbuosimini Community Raises Alarm Over Presence Of Illegal Security Outfit

Oroakwo Mgbuosimini Community in Rumueme town of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State has raised alarm over the illegal activities of some group of youths who have constituted themselves into an unwanted security outfit to harass and intimidate the villagers and residents, a development which has caused the residents to relocate from the area to safety.

Speaking with newsmen over the weekend, the youth president of Oroakwo Youth Movement, Comrade Obinna Chukwu lamented that OSPAC which is local security outfit are actually consulted and their services retained by the community where there is trouble or criminal activities.

But unlike their own community, since six years ago, their community have been peaceful and that there have been living peacefully sleeping with their two eyes closed and need no OSPAC.

He explained that since some group of persons benefit from crisis, they went and organized some persons with questionable characters and sent them out and actually sponsored their trainings at Akpor Security Planning and Advisory Committee (ASPAC) without consultation.

This group after graduation he explained, came into the Oroakwo Community recently started shooting sporadically to announce their authority, scaring away residents.

Corroborating the youth president, the Mgbuosimini Women Leader, Mrs. Nkesi Aligbo and another youth Miss Celestina Ogechi Chukwu disclosed that when the unwanted terrorists group landed in the community, they were surprisingly welcomed by some community leaders including Apostle Princewill Adiele, Weli Weche and Livingstone Weche.

This development according to them is without the permission or authorization of their Paramount Ruler or his Council of Chiefs.

They further disclosed that after their welcome party, these unwanted group went breaking into people’s shops and stealing their properties during the pandomonia adding that it took the intervention of the police and soldiers posted at the nearby AGIP company for the situation to be brought under control.

When they were asked why these group of community policing are forcing their way to authority, the answer was that it is simply because they have tested the goodies from the host AGIP company in their midst and now felt like fishes out of water.

Meanwhile, as they RASPAC force were chased away then, they promised to return sooner than later with threat to life.

The Oroakwo Community in Mgbuosimini are then using the opportunity to appeal to the local and state governments to come to their aid before they are exterminated by this deadly group on their return.

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