Bakana Kingship Tussle: Lawrence O. Odum, Not Amadabo Of Bakana, Group Alleges

The lingering crisis over the legitimate occupant of the Amadabo of Bakana stool appears unsettled despite recognition purportedly accorded Chief Lawrence O. Odum as the rightful occupant of the ancient traditional stool.

Kicking against the said government recognition and radio broadcasts to that effect, a group under the aegis of Odum Barboy Group of Houses have disclaimed that contrary to the said radio announcements, Lawrence O. Odum is not Amadabo of Bakana.

In the 3-page disclaimer which was made available to National Network on Monday, the group said there was no truth in the announcements which had been on in some radio stations in Port Harcourt since April 6, 2023.

It declared that the Odum Barboy Group of Houses which they allegedly represent, is the Ruling House that produces the amadabo/Amanyanabo of Bakana.

“Lawrence O. Odum was never selected nor installed as Amadabo/Amanyanabo of Bakana neiher did we forward his name as such to the Rivers State Government for recognition as required by provisions of the relevant law.

“we have some pending court matters with him on this his vaulting ambition and nauseating parade as Amadabo and incumbent on the Odum Barboy stool”, it said in the disclaimer and went on to list three court cases.

The disclaimer which was jointly signed by Chairman of the group, Chief Israel Abili Barboy (Da Jim Emine House) and Secretary, Engr. (Chief) Okiye Evans-Senibo Will Braide as well as the Heads of the eight components that forms the group, they stressed that the Rivers State Government was in the know of the pendency of these matters in the courts and all developments therefrom.

Stating that the purported government recognition is the handiwork of ‘some self-serving politicians’, the goup urged the general public, particularly people of the Kalabari extraction to ignore the radio announcements, stating that ‘Lawrence O. Barboy is not Amadabo of Bakana’.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we hereby reiterate that the Amadabo of Bakana and incumbent on the ancient Barboy Stool is HRH (Dr) Evans Bob Yellowe-Will Braide (Odum Barboy XI), a fit and proper prince duly selected and installed since December, 2015 by the sole Kingmakers’ body, namely the Odum Barboy Group of Houses of Bakana”, they declared.

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