HA19 Has Impacted Positively On Society -Prof. Ekpe

A renowned trado-medicine practitioner, Prof. Peter E. Ekpe says HA19, a herbal remedy he formulated for the treatment of HIV/AIDS has made positive impact in the society.

Prof. Ekpe who spoke at the 24th anniversary celebration of HA19 at his INAPOW Clinic in Eleme, said the herbal remedy had not only cured people living with HIV/AIDS, but cured other diseases like syphilis, cancer, etc.

According to him, HA19 had components, properties that are very effective in the treatment of diseases, stressing that those who were infected with HIV who took the herbal remedy had their viral load reduced to the barest minimum.

Prof. Ekpe disclosed that when people with HIV issues and other diseases come to his clinic, they receive cure, stressing that those with cancer have had their cancer cells diminished while those with HIV virus had regained their immunity.

“From 1999 to date, those infected with HIV who took my herbal remedy are still alive, those who were not married, got married and are with children and those who were sick were healed,” Prof. Ekpe disclosed.

Prof. Ekpe who is also the Presiding Bishop of INRI Prayer Ministry said in the church on Sunday July 2nd, 2023 during thanksgiving service in commemoration of HA19, a young man testified that three members of his family who had the HIV/AIDS virus had been healed. “That was great testimony, and I thank God for it,” the Bishop said.

The great man of God who is regarded as an Alchemist on account of his combining herbs with prayers in his healing processes , boasted that any sicknesses human beings cannot cure, HA19 and other medicines he produce will cure them, stressing that he does not cure with HA19 alone, but cures with other herbal products.

It might interest you to know that the healing slogan of INAPOW Clinic where Prof. Ekpe holds forte is:” We Cure the Incurables”, and the top ranking trado-medicine practitioner has lived up to the slogan as he had successfully treated patients with intractable diseases referred to his clinic, and some of those treated had come back to give testimonies and show appreciation.

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