Enlivening ONELGA: Hotelier Supports Tourism For Economic Growth

The CEO of HH Hotel and Apartment, Mr. Chimuenya Henry Umejuru, is taking a bold step to change the economic situation in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA). He posits that the hospitality industry can boost economic growth in the oil rich area.

Speaking during an interview in Omoku recently, Umejuru expressed confidence in the potential impact of his initiatives on the local government area.

He told journalists that he was inspired by the success of Bro. Felix Obuah in the hospitality sector, and aims to make HH Hotel and Apartment a symbol of luxury and hospitality.

According to him, his goal is not only to attract visitors from different places but also to provide job opportunities for ONELGA residents. Umejuru is committed to community development and envisions a rise in tourism through strategic partnerships and innovative tourism packages.

Drawing from his childhood experiences and time spent in the Dubai tourism industry, he aspires to bring beauty and success to Omoku.

When asked about the increasing number of hotels in ONELGA, particularly in Omoku, Umejuru sees it as a positive development. He believes that entering the business requires understanding the needs of the people.

Stressing the potential for economic growth, he emphasizes the necessity for quality lodging options in ONELGA and neighboring states. And to boost the hospitality industry in Rivers State, Umejuru calls for government support, including the creation of a favorable environment for hoteliers.

He advocates for improved infrastructure, such as roads, and suggests building a new airport to make Rivers State a top tourism destination. Umejuru also highlights the importance of financial support, proposing upgrades to the Bank of Industry to make it easier for tourism practitioners to access loans.

Furthermore, the youthful hotelier suggests strategic marketing initiatives like online advertisements and partnerships with travel agencies to attract visitors and enhance the state’s tourism profile.

With these visionary plans, Umejuru hopes to see a future where the hospitality industry becomes a key player in ONELGA’s economy, creating jobs, improving living standards, and establishing the region as a significant player in Nigeria’s tourism landscape.

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