PDP Chieftain Blasts Obaseki For Neglecting Party Members

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain and Atiku Abubakar 2019 Presidential Campaign Spokesman, Otunba Segun Sowunmi, has condemned the developments in the Edo State chapter of the party, saying Governor Godwin Obaseki who was lent the party platform is about driving out genuine members.

Speaking in an interview with newsmen, he said Obaseki’s membership of the party has upturned the 25-year robust legacy of PDP in Edo.

Sowunmi said it was saddening that the party had contracted in membership and elective positions under Obaseki’s tutelage.

He said it was as such important for the governor to return the PDP to the genuine stakeholders before further harm is done.

He said: “The PDP must take back its party in Edo, those who came to borrow our platform cannot chase away those who have laboured and sacrificed for PDP.

I queried the nonsense when they wanted to use our platform to rescue them then wondered if the ideological underpinning of ours and our attitude was sane with theirs.

Time again I have been proven right. Will the landlords now become onlookers on their property?

“We gave him the responsibility to manage the membership registration. Compare what he did to what Yahya Bello did for APC.

A significant support Labour got in Edo during the presidential elections was due to the duplicitous game of Obaseki. We lent you our platform now we want it back QED!

“Suddenly PDP a legacy of 25 solid years will now become a party that stands for nothing. Show me evidence of how Obaseki cares for our party or our members. Extremely Annoying.

I have no dog in the fight but come on. You had problem with Oshiomhole ran to us, you treated our people like sh*t and now they must become extinct for you? Where is that done?”

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