Wigwe Family, Angry With Redeemed Church

The family of the late Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of Access Holding PLC, Herbert Wigwe, has made the decision to exclude the City of David parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God from the burial service of their late son.

While the family has not provided a clear reason for this decision, there is speculation that it may be due to perceived insensitivity on the part of the parish.

Recent reports have surfaced alleging that the pastor’s wife of the City of David parish threw a lavish birthday party just a week after Herbert Wigwe’s death.

This action has been viewed by many as insensitive, particularly considering Wigwe’s significant contributions, both morally and financially, to the church over the years, amounting to billions of naira.

The family may have interpreted the timing and extravagance of the party as a lack of regard for their mourning period and a disregard for Wigwe’s memory.

They may feel that the church’s focus on material wealth rather than genuine concern for their loss has led them to question the church’s values and priorities.

In light of these factors, the family has chosen to distance the City of David parish for their son’s burial, as they perceive the church as valuing his financial contributions over his personal worth.

The tragic circumstances surrounding Wigwe’s death, in a helicopter crash in California near Nevada, which also claimed the lives of his wife, son, and other business associates, may have intensified the family’s grief and heightened their sensitivity to perceived slights or insensitivity from the church.

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