Why Fuel Isn’t Sold For N1,500 – NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) credits the stability of petrol prices in Nigeria to the unwavering leadership of its President, Comrade Joe Ajaero, suggesting that his resolute stance has prevented prices from soaring to N1,500 per litre.

Additionally, the NLC remains steadfast in its determination to wrest control of the Labour Party from the incumbent leadership led by Julius Abure.

According to Comrade Benson Upah, Head of Information and Public Affairs at the NLC, Comrade Ajaero’s strong leadership has compelled the government to tread cautiously in considering fuel price hikes.

He also attributes the wage award of N35,000 and ongoing negotiations for the next national minimum wage to Ajaero’s leadership.

Furthermore, Upah highlights Ajaero’s vocal advocacy on various national issues, including insecurity, economic hardship, and threats to democracy.

Despite criticisms suggesting political motives, the NLC maintains that Ajaero’s actions are driven solely by national interest and ideological principles.

Regarding the Labour Party crisis, Upah asserts that Ajaero is committed to reclaiming the party from individuals like Abure, who allegedly gained control through illegitimate means.

He emphasizes Ajaero’s determination to uphold the consent judgment and restore integrity to the party’s leadership.

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