Advocacy Group Fumes, Condemns GDI Leader’s Alleged Threats Of Violence Against Rivers State Governor

An advocacy group, the Ogoni Youth Development Network (OYDN), is raising alarm over recent statements made by Mr. Bright Amaewhule, the President General of the Grassroot Development Initiative (GDI), in which he openly threatened war against Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminialayi Fubara, and the entire state.

Amaewhule had, during the commissioning of the Nyesom Wike International Market in Omagwa, Ikwerre Local Government Area, warned Governor Fubara and his supporters to stop insulting Nyesom Wike, or face dire consequences.

OYDN, in a statement by its General Coordinator, Dr. Ephraim Osaro Nado, described Amaewhule’s actions as not only treasonous but also utterly disrespectful to the office of the governor.

He went on: “Governor Siminialayi Fubara and his office should be respected, and any grievances should be addressed through proper channels without resorting to intimidation or hostility.”

“It’s important to remind Amaewhule and the GDI that constructive criticism is valid, but personal attacks and threats have no place in civil discourse,” said Nado.

Nado further emphasized that Amaewhule’s attitude toward the governor not only lacks civility but also demonstrates a disregard for democratic values and the rule of law.

“Threatening violence and issuing ultimatums against the governor and his supporters is not only reckless but also dangerous, it sets a dangerous precedent for political discourse and undermines the principles of peaceful coexistence and respect for differing opinions”, he said.

The OYDN chief said it is therefore imperative to condemn such behavior unequivocally, calling for a return to respectful and constructive dialogue in addressing grievances within the political arena.

Wike needs to cease deploying his attack dogs against the governor of Rivers State and its citizens. These actions are aimed at destabilizing the state. Fubara has never insulted the President or Wike, and should be allowed to fulfill his duties without interference.

“Rivers people should condemn these attacks and support the governor. Violence should not be monopolized, and Fubara’s peaceful demeanor should not be mistaken for weakness. It’s time to end these distractions and attacks”, Nado fumed.

Aligning with OYDN’s stance, Port Harcourt-based civil rights commentator, Ezebunwo Ichenati, expressed concern that Amaewhule’s alarming rhetoric not only poses a threat to Governor Fubara but to the entirety of the people of Rivers State.

Calling on the Inspector General of Police to immediately arrest and prosecute Mr. Amaewhule, Ichemati has described the GDI leader’s aggressive stance, including a declaration of war against the state and its leadership, as not only irresponsible but also reflecting poorly on the political landscape and veering dangerously close to treasonous behavior.

In a statement released in Port Harcourt on Monday, Ichemati wrote: “Amaewhule’s history of incompetence and misconduct, highlighted by his failed tenures in public office and involvement in illegal activities, adds weight to concerns about his motives and mental state.

“His threats should not be taken lightly, especially given the potential for inciting violence and destabilizing the region.

“This is a call to action for law enforcement agencies, particularly the Inspector General of Police, to intervene impartially and treat Amaewhule’s threats as a serious security risk.”

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