Gov. Fubara’s One Year Anniversary And Oppositions Shadow Boxing

By Celestine Ogolo

There is no further proof that opposition elements in Rivers State made up of factional members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and some members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) loyal to Nyesom Wike, former governor of Rivers State and now Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), are jittery and perplexed over the success story of Governor Siminalayi Fubara as his administration clocks One year in office on May 29, 2024.

In what has been aptly described by ace writer and former Parliament member, Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke as an attempt to “divert attention away and share media space with the celebration galore, expected to provide a scorecard on Governor Fubara’s attainment in the last one year”, the opposition unleashed a renewed call for the impeachment of the governor of the state.

Recall that barely three months into his tenure as governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminalayi Fubara’s administration ran into stormy waters. Not of his own volition or making, but instigated, fanned and nutured by a so called “godfather”, bent on maintaining a stranglehold of the state through a suffocating embrace of the governor.

The unsuccessful attempt to make Governor Fubara not only a surrogate or placeholder, but one forbidden from taking any action without the endorsement of the former governor, Nyesom Wike, was aimed at ridiculing the former and presenting him as being incapable of administering the state.

However, as one who swore an oath to protect and defend the interest of Rivers State and uphold the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Governor Fubara stood firm against the forces of darkness and retrogression.

Buoyed by the fact of their once dominance of the composition of the House of Assembly, but unmindful of the support base of the governor among the people of the state, the Assembly members embarked on a futile attempt to impeach the governor.

Having failed initially on that infamous road of perfidy, the gladiators backed by the Minister of the FCT, Nyesom Wike, vowed and embarked on a vicious mission of making the state ungovernable through unimaginable distractions.

True to type, being a conqueror, Governor Fubara has with equanimity taken the battles in his strides, bamboozling his opponents with his “quiet and calm revolution”.

The opposition and critics alike have been left bruised, confounded and astounded how in the face of what seemed insurmountable roadblocks, Gov. Fubara has recorded monumental achievements in the last one year.

It is for this reason that the opposition is in a frenzy to change the positive narrative coming out from Rivers State. On a daily basis, they spew out half truths, oftentimes, naked lies, just to paint the administration of Governor Fubara in bad light.

Indeed, Nigerians would be amazed when they read and see the great accomplishments of the Rivers State governor. In the couple of days heralding his administration, Governor Fubara would give an account of every kobo received and spent and how he, in the midst of the devilish plots, clandestine and open declaration of “war” by opponents, been able to hold the state together and forging ahead.

Indeed, despite the somewhat annoying escapades of enemies of the administration, Gov Fubara has kept his head high, retained his focus on the goal- which is the delivery of democratic dividends to the people of the state.

 What is even more important is that Gov. Fubara’s support base is widening by the day mainly because of how he has acquitted himself in the midst of the political turmoil  that engulfed the state.

It was little wonder when a few days ago, Tony Okocha, the factional chairman of the APC in Rivers State, a well known stooge of the FCT Minister, declared in a press conference that Governor Fubara did not achieve anything in the last one year.

While his comments were not unexpected, coming from one who wished the administration to fail, they were shamefully laughable, especially to the greater majority of Rivers people and residents, who saw the folly in the comments.

It wasn’t the right time to be economical with the truth. Okocha was expressing his thoughts on what he anticipated, especially with the avalanche of mischievous distractions.

With their tinted glasses of hatred, how could the opposition see the unprecedented landmarks been recorded by the Governor Fubara-led administration in Rivers State.

They could not comprehend that in the midst of the political upheavals orchestrated to distract the governor, he could embark on a prodigious social housing scheme to benefit the long- suffering masses, nor could they fathom that the administration would be so focused to empower over 3000 micro, small and medium enterprises with four billion Naira in conjunction with the Bank of Industry.

The opposition is so vexed that Gov Fubara embarked on an unprecedented social engineering and human capital development schemes, which in the past was an anathema.

To the opposition, the promotion of civil servants in the public service and local government councils was a crime. How could he lift people out of the deliberate policy of emasculation and induced poverty planned and executed in the state between 2015-2023. That callous stagnation of the civil servants was a joy to the likes of Okocha and his bunch of sadists in the opposition.

We are aware of how it has always been a ploy of those without human conscience to dehumanise the populace, deny them their rights and place them in a position of perpetual servitude.

It was no surprise that 21 out of the 23 local government chairmen who belong to this group of sadists fought vehemently against the promotion of their own staff who had been stagnated for years.

Gov. Fubara’s unshakeable stance in uplifting civil servants across the state has truly stood him out.

As the administration clocks One year, a 20-day programme of events meticulously developed has further jolted the opposition and thrown them into a frenzy of taking the shine off the celebration.

But Rivers people are not buying into their self-inflicted misfortune. Rivers people have seen purpose-driven, people-centered and life- changing projection of the Gov. Fubara led administration, which accounts for the organic support the governor enjoys across the 23 local government areas of the state.

A total of six projects including the Eleme-Ebubu-Eteo( Old Bori Road, the Andoni Section of the Ogoni/Andoni/Opobo-Nkoro Road (Unity Road), the Emohua-Kalabari Road, amongst other strategic roads are set for commissioning.

Among roads that are to be flagged off within the celebration of the Governor’s one year anniversary which terminates on June 2, 2024 is the second phase of the Trans Kalabari Road, the Elele- Omoku Road dualisation.

It is expedient to note that the multi billion PH Ring Road project flagged off by this administration last October, the biggest road infrastructure project embarked upon by any state government in Nigeria is ongoing.

The 50.15 km dual carriageway within flyovers, one river crossing bridge and 19 rotary intersections and roundabouts, which cuts across six local government areas, is gradually taking shape. The emergence of new cities as a result of the road are already signs that are emerging.

What is interesting in Gov Fubara’s approach to projects execution is his determination to complete projects started by the previous administration without noise nor funfair.

That explains why inspect the numerous projects inherited and completed by him in health, education and roads, he remains uninterested in claiming they, even when more than fifty percent of the costs were borne by his administration. His first one hundred days in office witnessed the completion and commissioning of various projects. He has not slowed down ever since. In all, despite the shenanigans of the opposition, Governor Fubara remains unfazed. It is obvious that Rivers State is safe in his hands and an appreciative people of Rivers State will continue to uphold him in prayers for greater successes and decimation of the “Egyptians” that we see today.

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