Labour Protests Over Hike In Electricity Tariff

Nigerian workers have invaded the offices of electricity distribution companies nationwide to protest the Band A tariff and other obnoxious tariff hikes.

The workers, united under the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress, launched a determined protest on Monday, storming the offices of the DisCos and preventing the electricity workers from entering for the day.

In Lagos, the labour supporters were seen at the corporate headquarters of the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, chanting different songs of solidarity and asking for the reversal of the Band A tariff.

Oyo state was not left out as protesters stormed the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company office, preventing workers from entering the office to commence work.

The impact of the protests was felt in Abuja as the organized union effectively halted the activities at the head office of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AEDC, as a result of the protest .

It discovered that police officers were on standby to stop any breakdown of law and order.

Recall that the organized union gave the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission a seven-day ultimatum to reverse the obnoxious tariff or risk total shutdown.

However, the Federal Government was adamant that the stoppage of the new tariff regime would spell doom for the power sector, urging Nigerians to bear the temporary pains. Despite the public’s cry over the excruciating pains inflicted on the people following the imposition of multiple taxes in the country, the International Monetary Fund (IMF ) has called on the Federal Government to remove electricity subsidies in other bands to rescue the economy from total collapse.

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