Provost Warns Against Social Vices As Federal College Of Education (T) Admits 751 Freshers

The Provost of the Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku, Dr. Emmanuel Ikenyiri, has cautioned students against engaging in social vices during the 36th NCE, 13th UNN, Degree and 4th UNIUYO Degree Combined Matriculation Ceremony for the 2023/2024 Academic Session.

Addressing 751 freshers, Dr. Ikenyiri emphasized the importance of prioritizing academic pursuits over indulgence in activities such as examination fraud, cybercrimes, cultism, and drug abuse, warning of severe consequences including expulsion and legal prosecution.

Expressing concern over the dominance of degree programs over the college’s core mandate of producing NCE teachers, Dr. Ikenyiri highlighted the breakdown of matriculants, revealing a shift in focus.

Despite this challenge, he commended recent achievements such as the relocation of students to new hostels, completion of academic sessions, infrastructure improvements, and ongoing development projects.

In their respective addresses, Vice Chancellors of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and the University of Uyo urged students to uphold the institutions’ esteemed reputation and to avoid affiliations that may compromise their integrity.

Administering oaths to the incoming students, the ceremony was attended by dignitaries from various sectors, underscoring the significance of the occasion and the collective commitment to fostering a conducive academic environment.

The Provost and university officials reiterated the importance of upholding moral standards and academic integrity, urging students to embrace their roles as stewards of knowledge and ambassadors of their institutions.

With support from government agencies, community stakeholders, and academic bodies, they pledged to continue guiding students towards academic excellence and responsible citizenship.

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