Port Harcourt Ring Road Project: Ozuoba Residents Speak

The multi-billion Naira Port Harcourt Ring Road project which the Rivers State government said would crisscross four local government areas of the state has started in earnest.  For some traders in Ozuoba Community, Obio Akpor Local Government Area where one of the six flyovers is being constructed, it has become a case of ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’.

National Network reporter spoke to some of them on Monday regarding the impact of the project on their businesses and living in general.

MRS STELLA JAMES (Roasted Corn Seller) “This flyover project is a good one because it is bringing development to Ozuoba.  Unfortunately, many buildings have been demolished.  Even though it has displaced our market, we are still doing business with any available space we find. The workers are very friendly, and our business is doing well because of their patronage. Governor Sim Fubara is highly commended”.

MRS. OLUCHI (Foodstuff Seller)“It is painful to see many buildings demolished.  It has rendered many persons homeless with cost of rent gone very high.  But even now that the flyover is still undergoing construction, it has changed the face of Ozuoba, talk of when it is completed, the area will look like Dubai (she laghs)”

MISS CHIDIMMA) Baking Materials Dealer) “This flyover project is causing untold suffering to many homes.  Many have been rendered homeless due to demolition of where they lived.  A woman lost her life to high blood pressure because she could not stand losing her accommodation.  It is really a sad reminder”.

MISS CECILIA (POS Agent).“For me it’s like ‘wetin concern agbero concern overload’.  It is a waste of money because I don’t own a car to enjoy the comfort of the project when it is completed.  Maybe when I own a car, I may see the good of it.  But congratulations to car owners.  The project is for them”.

MRS. IJEOMA GOODLUCK (Liquid Soap vendor)“Kudos to our governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara for this wonderful flyover project.  It will enhance movement and mobility as well as beautify the area.  I will not stop praying for our governor.  I believe there will be more projects for Ozuoba community as the years progress”.

MR. MMESOMA (Deals on School bags) “One thing I know is that this flyover will reduce traffic and take and take away stress.  Contrary to speculations that the Ozuoba Market will be relocated, I do not believe that the market will be removed from here.  Our governor is a people friendly governor and he will know that many people have lost their accommodation because of demolition of houses.

MR. KINGSLEY (Meat Vendor) “The flyover is a welcome development and I thank our governor for this.  He should attract more development projects to us here in Ozuoba”

MRS. FELICIA  (Provision shop owner) “I am very angry with this flyover project.  I have been reliably told that they will chase everyone away from the market here.  What will I do if we are removed here.  I have no other business but this little shop. Our governor should change his mind if it is true that the market will be demolished”.

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