New Kingmaker Emerges In Luawii, Babbe Clan

The people of Luawii, Babbe kingdom of Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State have installed a new kingmaker in the person of Chief Eric Karasira Gbogo, variously described by those who knew him as humble, honest, hardworking and God-fearing young man from the Gbene-Bariyaayor Ancient home in Luawii town, owners of the stool in the kingdom.

The event was held on Monday, November 16, 2020, at a brief but exciting and well attended ceremony at Luawii town, headquarters of Babbe Clan.

Reports have it that, representations from the five dynasties (Buas) that make up Babbe Kingdom namely Bua Nama, Bua Ka-Babbe, BuaYaayor, Bua Zaakpon and Bua Boue were all in attendance, while traditional and cultural rites were performed to suit the event.

A respected traditionalist, elder and member of the Gbene-Bariyayor Royal House, Chief Timothy Baranor who performed the installation announced that the choice of Chief Eric Karasira Gbogbo for the stool was popular after vast consultations and approval by the leadership and people of the Kingdom.

Chief Timothy Baranor admonished the Kingmaker to always remain upright and respect the calling of the seat, adding that the people hold great confidence in him to perform his functions creditably.

Another guest, High Chief G. N. Pyagbara described the event as worthwhile and a message from God to the people of Babbe to unite and move forward with the rest of the world.

He condemned the situation that almost portrayed Luawii and Babbe in general as a people without love for themselves and their future, and pleaded for immediate U-turn from their past.

Messages of goodwill were unanimous in extolling the virtues of the new Kingmaker, Chief Eric Karasira Gbogbo.  According to them, being a Pastor in one of the fast-growing new generation churches becomes an advantage to the people of Babbe.

They expressed happiness at his installation, citing the biblical injunction which says, “When the righteous rules, the people rejoice”

Addressing the press shortly after his installation, the new Awumene XII of Babbe kingdom, Chief (Pastor) Eric Karasira Gbogbo thanked God and the people for considering him suitable for the seat, and pleaded with them to ditch the past and embrace peace and unity in order to move themselves and the area forward.

He also told them that, there was nothing God cannot do for those that seek His face, even as he solicited their understanding and co-operation to move the area forward.

The wife of the Kingmaker, Mrs. Happiness Gbogbo and wife of the immediate past late Kingmaker (Awumene XI), Mrs. Kenule Gbogbo, children, other women and youths present at the event, urged the media to continue drumming the gospel of peace, love and unity in Babbe kingdom.

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