Rumuokwuta Community Unveils New King, Eze Promise Ozinye Çhika

Rumuokwuta Community of Obio Akpor Local Government Area was left without a king following the passing of Eze Victor Amadi Chika, who was interred in February 2024.

According to tradition, the responsibility of selecting the new king fell upon the Chika Family of Elioparanwo Community, the first son of Rumuokwuta.

The order of seniority among Rumuokwuta’s five sons is Elioparanwo, Okania, Aganolu, Evorlu, and Odaranwere.

Chika is the ruling family in Elioparanwo with two sons, namely Frank and Jacob. The leadership alternates between the two families, with Frank ruling first and then Jacob.

That was how HRH, Eze Promise Ozinye Çhika, Nyenwe-Eli Rumuokwuta IV, a young and vibrant leader emerged and was crowned as the new king.

His late father, Eze Ikechi Benson Chika, was the second king of Rumuokwuta until his demise on December 10, 2010.

Eze Promise hails from the Frank lineage, while his predecessor, the late Eze Victor Amadi Chika, belonged to the Jacob family.

King Promise’s coronation ceremony, filled with grandeur and splendor, was officiated by the revered Eze Apara, HRM, King Chike A.A Worlu Wodo JP, Eze Oha Apara IV of Apara Kingdom.

Speaking with this medium during an interview at his palace, the new king expressed his belief that one’s actions and reputation shape their future.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining a good legacy and spoke about the trust the community placed in him due to his character and track record.

He revealed that the people, including the youth, chiefs, and elders, are delighted to have him as their ruler.

Eze Promise highlighted his capacity to lead, having previously served as the Elioparanwo Community Chairman as well as taking the chieftaincy title of Chief Ezekwesiri Opara of Rumuokwuta.

Transparency and adherence to truth are essential qualities for a king, according to Eze Promise.

He vowed to settle disputes in his palace based on the paramountcy of truth and the fear of God.

He also stressed the significance of providing quality education to the younger generation.

King Promise assured the community that scholarships would be made available, and a Trust would be established to support education.

The educational assistance would extend beyond undergraduate studies to include support for postgraduate degree.

Additionally, the Rumuokwuta ruler underscored the importance of peace, security, and upholding customs and traditions.

He commended the existing Community Development Committees for their efforts in maintaining relative peace in Rumuokwuta.

The king pledged to instill in the youth a rejection of negative vices such as cultism, drugs, armed robbery, and kidnapping.

He encouraged individuals to bring unresolved matters to the palace, where they would be addressed with fairness, equity, and justice.

Eze Promise emphasized that both indigenes and non-indigenes in Rumuokwuta would receive equal treatment.

He urged everyone to be law-abiding citizens, supporting the government’s efforts and reminding them that nobody is above the law as those who disregard it will face its consequences.

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