Jewish Community Rejoices Over Little Chimenem Nnanna’s Survival From Fatal Accident

The miraculous survival of little Chimenem Nnanna who had a fatal motor accident at Rumuokoro near Safari Hotel was recounted on Saturday March 26 at a special thanksgiving service at the Magen Avraham Synagogue Rukpokwu.

Spiritual leader of the Synagogue, Chief Bishop T. O. Wokpo opened the floodgate of testimonies when he told the moving story of how the little boy who was thought to be dead, miraculously survived after he was taken to the UPTH which at that time had no light to power the oxygen machine where the boy was put for revival.

After putting this and other incidents into consideration, the Bishop gave credit for the survival Chimenem to Hashem, the Elohim of Israel.

The wives of the Bishop in their separate narrations thanked Hashem, stressing that without him the little boy would not have survived.

They enjoined the congregation to hold firm to Hashem, saying he is the only one who can rescue them from their troubles.

Also contributing, the son of the spiritual leader, Michael Wokpo who was the driver of the vehicle said he was so confused and didn’t know what to do when the accident happened, but through the intervention of Elohim the fog of confusion was lifted off him.

It was reported that his little son Golden who saw what happened immediately went into prayers, which was said to be a contributory factor to the revival of Chimenam.

Elders of the synagogue and other spiritual leaders including those who came from outside proclaimed the goodness of Hashem and thanked him profusely for saving the little boy.

The spiritual leader of Magen Avraham Synagogue thanked the following groups and other spiritual leaders who came to join them in the thanksgiving; the youths of Sabbath Association of Nigeria (SAN) who was led by the president Michael Ogidi, Nigerian Orthodox Sabbath Synagogue Women Association (NOSS) from difference states of the federation, Heads of Synagogues from other states, including Rosh Moshe Ben Avraham as well as the Pastor of the Redeemed Church Rumuokoro.

He also prayed for quick recovery of Mrs. Wagbara, the woman who was trying to cross Chimanem to the other side of the road when the accident happened. He prayed Hashem to bless all of them.


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