CACN, Kono Fails To Shine In Soccer Friendly As Pentecostal Week Begins

…Loses 0-2 To Winners Chapel

It was a disappointing opener for St. Luke’s Christ Army Church of Nigeria (CACN), Kono Town in Khana Local Government Area on Sunday following a 0-2 loss to Winners Chapel also of Kono Community, in a friendly football match organized as part of the opening formalities of the 2022 Annual Pentecost Week of the church.

 Introduced to spice up the annual event, the friendly, according to the Pastor-in-charge of St. Luke’s CACN, Kono Town, Pastor Jerry Needam who performed the kick-off, also served to promote unity in the body of Christ in Kono Community as well as to adhere to the biblical injunction which urges brotherly love to continue.

 Kudos must be given to Pastor Jerry Needam who sat on the bench to volunteer technical assistance to the players. He made spirited efforts to have his boys to get the lead, but to no avail. He tried to translate his ecclesiastical teachings to the boys on the field, but the move, unfortunately, yielded little fruit as the more tactful Winners Chapel boys utilized a goalmouth scramble to find the net in the dying minutes of the first half.

And to add some flair in the game, Pastor Jerry was introduced into the second half, apparently to do what he used to do in the field during his hey days!  His entrance put some seriousness into the boys as they mustered some guts and took the ball to their opponent’s goal area.  But it was a brief effort, as the visitors quickly recovered and took the fight back to CACN.

Even as Pastor Jerry made some deft moves, despite understandably fading energies, poor finishing became the bane of the CACN boys, as they could not utilize scoring chances, despite several attempts.

As the regulation time began to draw close, the enthusiastic support and cheers from the disappointed fans of St Luke’s Christ Army Church Nigeria, Kono Town equally began to simmer down.

Consequently, CACN boys began to lose concentration, and the visitors capitalized on the situation and scored the second goal. Five minutes later, and the referee sounded the final whistle.

More kudos to the captain of St. Luke’s CACN, Kono Town, Apostle Donald Lebatam Bia who through his tactical play, saved CACN Kono from conceding more goals.

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