Ogoni Struggle Is Focused To Achieve Set Goal – Stakeholder

A stakeholders in Ogoni and former commissioner in the state, Hon Friday Nubari Nke-ee has stated that the 30 year struggle for the emancipation of his people is surely on course and will achieve its set goal with time.

He stated this over the weekend while chatting with newsmen on the sideline of this year’s Ogoni Day  at Bori Headquarter in Khana Local Government Area.

“When one is struggling against a majority cabal who don’t have your interest at heart, you don’t expect that the result is going to be immediate but consistency and resilience will determine the destination”, he said.

He said they were aware at the onset of the struggle that there were going to be opposition even within themselves “because there are agents of darkness even within us. But we also know that only vallian men makes history”, we are committed and focused to achieving set goal”, she said.

Hon. Nke-ee however assured that there is headway in their struggle, adding that the number of their youths oversea is a result of the struggle, including the spartan spirit it has infused into them.

“Besides it is only 30 years while, that of the Isrealites lasted for 40 years”, quoting their late heroe late Ken Saro Wiwa who said shortly before he was executed in 1995 that the executors will only succeed in killing the messenger and not the message, adding that for the struggle to be sustained uptill now shows that they are on course and will succeed.

Hon. Nke-ee who is the House of Reps candidate for the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the forthcoming general election to represent Gokana/Khana Federal Constituency used the opportunity to announce that despite the order 21 and 22 of the Rivers State government which he noted is aimed at excluding and depriving other opposition political parties in the state, his party the SDP has been reaching out to the grassroots and selling their manifestoes as an alternative strategy, which he said is even more advantageous to them.

He rated himself as a better candidate to occupy that seat at the National Assemble, describing himself as a more competent and people-oriented politician with his peoples interest at heart. He made it clear that apart from contributing in making laws with its, oversight functions, he will liaise with his colleagues and reach out to federal government agencies to attract development to his people for gainful employment, emphasizing that we will make a b better representation of given the mandate.

Hon Nke-ee lamented that his people lack virtually everything ranging from water, electricity hospital and internal roads yet they have a representatives at the National Assembly.

He recalled a particular road (Bere road) that was included and fund allocated for its rehabilitation in 2017 but was yet to see the light of the day as a sign of bad representation which he is set to correct.

He explained that in politics nobody dashes power but it’s a contest and that this time around the SDP has coupled a group of tested and competent hands starting from their governorship candidate Senator Magnus Nge Abe to wrestle out power for the zone which he said is overdue for the Brick House.

The astute politician however lamented the numerous attacks on the SDP political party campaign train and its facilities, alleging that the police appears to be partial in dealing with the situation and appeal to them to be more responsible in the discharge of their duties in the interest of the state and the nascent democracy.

He made it clear that he will be the last person to arm his youths for electoral violence which he noted is inimical to development and his people’s growth.

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