CP Nwonyi Warns PCRC Members Against Hobnobbing With Criminals

The Rivers state Commissioner of Police, CP Nwonyi Emeka has warned members of Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) in the state not to fraternize with criminals in their domain.

CP Nwonyi gave the warning during a meeting with PCRC members in Port Harcourt on Thursday.

The Rivers Police boss noted that some persons join PCRC because of ego.

“Even when they know somebody committed an offence, they will come and show ID card to solicit for the person .I will only identify with members that identify with the good of the society” CP Nwonyi said.

The Rivers Police boss said he wants the synergy to continue between the PCRC and the Police from level of Divisions, Area Commands, Zones and the Nation at large.

In his speech, the PCRC Chairman in Rivers State, Voke Emore said members of the organization are not above the law.

“PCRC members are not criminals. Arrest any one who aid criminals and criminality. We will collect our ID cards from such person, You can be rest assured” Mr Emore said.

PCRC Chairman also commended the CP for killing of Nwodi Onuigwe, Rivers most wanted terrorist.

“Just like other Association, we have a constitution that guide us and crime is one of those things that we do not permit or tolerate in any form.

“Before now, you could go to a Police officer and obtain PCRC ID card but all those have stopped. All our ID cards come  from the office of the Force PPRO and you are thoroughly drilled .

“PCRC is a bridge between the community and the Police, the PCRC is not a spy for the Police. The PCRC only helps the community to understand the role of the Police in the community and also helps the Police to understand the culture of the community, which means that we are bringing that dynamism into the Police.

“Relating with the society, you cannot be always brutal, brutal .You have to work with them.

For the PCRC members, f you have criminals around you, you have to report to the right source .We tell you how to pass your message, who to report to.

“We try to inform the community on how to do things. Meanwhile when we go back to the Police, we also try to help them.

Alot of them do not have vehicles. You Know that the Police is poorly funded and the new PSC (Police Service Commission) Chairman said he wants to make Police better. We hope he does that because PCRC is burdened with always renovating, repairing cars.

“We try sometimes to provide accommodation for DPOs that are urgently transfered to community, make them very comfortable. If they are deployed to your community and they don’t have where to sleep, criminals can get to them first before getting to you. Police formed the Association so we can be bridge builders between the public and the Police” Mr Emore said.

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