Omehia Opens Up, Blasts Wike Over Lust For Power

Former Governor of Rivers State, Sir Celestine Omehia, has called on Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), to shed his insatiable desire for power and allow Governor Siminalayi Fubara to carry out his duties.

Omehia believes that Wike’s relentless pursuit of power is causing him turmoil and hindering his effectiveness.

In a statement released in Port Harcourt, Omehia responded to a recent live television interview hosted by Wike in Abuja.

During the interview, Wike referred to Omehia and other People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leaders in Rivers State who expressed support for Governor Sim Fubara and President Bola Tinubu as “expired politicians and buccaneers.”

Omehia characterized Wike’s uncontrolled outbursts as the result of a confused mind.

He argued that Wike’s frustration stems from the collapse of his ambition for a third term and the realization by the people of Rivers State that his pursuit of power is self-serving, rather than in the interest of the state or the South-South region, as he claims.

“The FCT Minister believed that he could continue to control and exploit the resources and governance of the state.

However, the people, guided by God, resisted the impeachment plot by members of the Rivers State House of Assembly,” Omehia stated.

He further highlighted Wike’s reputation for lying and disrespecting elders, asserting that the minister’s outbursts and criticism of innocent individuals in Rivers State come as no surprise.

“Wike speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He says one thing today and denies it tomorrow, like a clown. I am not a buccaneer, and my ability to contribute to the growth and development of my state and country remains intact.

I wonder why he is disturbed by our support for the governor and the federal government under President Tinubu.

Does he want us to be in a perpetual state of political warfare with everyone, even long after elections are over and governance has begun? Isn’t that madness?”

Omehia pointed out that Wike’s excessive behavior, inconsistencies, and delusions have reached an embarrassing level. He advised Wike to focus on his responsibilities in Abuja, as the state does not miss his presence or his disruptive influence.

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