As Late Madam Alice Nsereka Is Laid To Rest: We Can Do Better If We Take Responsibility Of Our Actions – Clergyman

Clergyman, and Bishop, Diocese of Bori, Methodist Church Nigeria, Rt. Rev. Lebe Nnam says Nigeria has failed as a nation because the leaders, political office holders, policy makers and public servants have refused to take responsibility for their actions.

Because no one wants to take responsibility for their actions in their respective offices, corruption fosters and the entire system is threatened, the man of God contended.

Bishop Nnam was speaking as the officiating minister at the burial of late Madam Alice Ntibia Nsereka, mother of Dr Barigbon Nsereka at Kanni I, Ogoni, Saturday, May 21, 2022.

The cleric who drew his teaching from the gospel of John 11: 38 – 49, lambasted  the All Progressives Congress (APC-led federal government for abandoning their oath of office to the masses and taken to self aggrandizement, looting and mass corruption.

He lamented the sufferings and cries of Nigerians who pay school  fees for the education of their children and wards only to have them at home roaming about because of incessant strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) occasioned by the failure of those in charge of education to take responsibility for their actions.

Rt. Rev. Nnam also lashed out at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), an agency of government to checkmate corruption and prosecute those who mismanage and misappropriate public funds for also not taking responsibility of their actions.

Rather than discharge their duties responsibility, they choose the unholy path of corruption.

“The EFCC is corrupt. Rather than investigate alleged cases of corruption, they prefer settling for cuts and percentage of the malfeasance and let the suspect off the hook and by so doing, corruption has become a ding-dong affair festering all the sectors of the economy.

This is why the country has failed. Those in charge of public affairs are corrupt and have refused to take responsibility for their actions”, the outspoken and fearless man of God further lamented.

Bishop Nnam however, noted that these corrupt leaders were not alone in the satanic course of perpetuating evil in Nigeria, and by extension, collapsing the country.

Included in their unholy alliance are traditional rulers, opinion leaders, church leaders and pastors who sponsor crisis in their communities, in churches, who buy guns for jobless and idle youths, who convert the young boys to political thugs for personal and selfish reasons, the man of God regretted.

The officiating minister ominously declared that it is not yet uhuru for such people as everybody will give account of their actions at the call of death when it would have been late to repent.

Unfortunately, for such people, the Bishop pointed out, none of the actions whether done in the secret or open will be hidden from God because He is God and not man, and nothing can ever be hidden from Him.

He advised all the living to turn a new leaf while alive by taking responsibility for all their actions in the offices, in the family, in the church, in administration, in the school, etc, by doing the right thing and at the right time.

God, he said, “cannot do for you what he has asked you to do or given you the ability to do. It is therefore vain prayers asking God to come and make peace for us here when we are the cause of the troubles and know what to do for peace to reign.

The man of God concluded by reminding those who revel in, and promote crisis that in most cases God does not look at the action but the motive behind the actions, warning sponsors of evil and those responsible for the crisis in the communities that have overtaken the nation to beware because they will not be spared either, for being behind all the atrocities for no ‘secret’ is hidden before the Lord.

Among the dignitaries that graced the event were other ministers of God, Prof Goodwin Okon of Rivers State University, Dr. Harcourt Dike, of the same University and many other lecturers of Rivers State University and colleagues of the surviving son of late Madam Nsereka, and chief mourner, Dr. Barigbon Nsereka.

Other dignitaries include Dr. H. I. Isaac of the University of Port Harcourt, Dr. Oby Ohiagu, Dr. Nsien Usua, all of the University of Port Harcourt as well as Pastor Jerry Needam, Publisher of National Network newspaper.


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