Esara Royal Fellowship Holds End Of Year Thanksgiving Amid Pomp, Pageantry

The joy and happiness of the Nyerisi Mbam Oro-Esara Kingdom and the vision bearer of Esara Royal Fellowship (an interdenominational Worship Centre) HRH King Sir, Hon. S.O. Worlu and the entire congregation knew no bounds last Saturday, 17 December, 2022 as they rolled out drums for the end of year thanksgiving.

Indeed, it was praises, worship and thanksgiving as they danced and sang their hearts out in praise and worship as well as thanking God for being alive.

According to the faithful, they could not thank God enough for His protection, mercy, blessing and faithfulness all these years.

In a sermon, the Guest Preacher, Dr. Tony Francis tagged his message “God deserved our Thanksgiving” quoting different scriptures of the Bible and explained that a thankful heart with a bird’s eye view of God’s deed must return praises and thanks to God, his creator. He stressed the importance of praise and thanksgiving as a weapon to move the hand of God.

The preacher who noted the efficacy of praises disclosed that it worked for Moses, Elisha, Joshua, Paul and Silas, pointing out that Esara Royal Fellowship Thanksgiving to God could not be over-emphasized because it moved God to perform miraculous things.

According to Dr. Tony Francis, praise mixed with faith moves God faster than prayers, adding that praises take away doubt, unbelief and fears. He used the opportunity to warn those who live a sinful life to desist forth with as their praise or worship would not move God, pointing out that one must worship God in spirit and truth which according to him means, that someone’s heart must be open, giving his whole heart to God when he comes to His presence.

In his own speech, the vision bearer of Esara Royal Fellowship, HRH King Sir (Hon) S.O. Worlu, the paramount Royal of Oro Esara Kingdom charged faithful not to relent in their efforts at promoting the gospel of God or allow challenges to weigh them down, but to stand firm and resolute in their commitment in the service of God.

The king equally enjoined the worshippers to always appreciate God in every circumstances they find themselves, explaining that there must surely be an end to ugly situations. He prayed and declared that the expectations of the children of God shall not be cut off any more as there is an end to barrenness, afflictions, disappointments, failures, delay, reproach and poverty in the coming year 2023.

He added that anyone who gives for evangelizing the word of God, no doubt, there is an expectant reward of good thing from God and therefore everyone should learn not only how to give out but support others so as to attract the blessings of God.

The soft-spoken Royal Father, who is a renowned preacher, used the occasion to caution some evil doers whose stock in trade is to destroy others instead of supporting or encouraging their fellow human being, to have a rethink, adding that whatever bad measures one used for his fellow human being, the same measure will also be used against him.

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