Isobonye Brown Praises Governor Fubara’s Early Actions, Leadership

Renowned youth leader and advocate for good governance, Ebenezer Brown Isobonye has commended Rivers State governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara for his impressive start in office, appointing Commissioners to steer the ship of state.

Speaking with National Network in Port Harcourt on Monday, Brown said since assuming his role as governor, Fubara has wasted no time in implementing progressive policies and actions aimed at improving the lives of Rivers people.

With a track record of advocating for transparency, accountability, and citizen participation, Brown said he has been closely monitoring Governor Fubara’s early actions, adding that the governor had entered into history books as the first to appoint Commissioners less than two weeks in office.

“I am very excited with our governor’s commitment to the principles of good governance. Governor Siminalayi Fubara’s first few weeks in office have seen a flurry of positive developments that have resonated with the public.  One of his notable achievements includes the appointment of Commissioners. The initiative has already received widespread support from cross section and stakeholders in the state”, he said.

Brown also commended Governor Fubara’s inclusive governance approach, noting that the governor has made it a priority to engage citizens in decision-making processes by creating avenues for their input.

The respected youth leader offered what he said are valuable advice to Governor Fubara to complement his efforts at building a prosperous state. He said the areas of focus for the governor to achieve sustained prosperity for the state and its residents include economic diversification which draws from diversifying the state’s economy beyond its current industries.

“In this wise, our governor should identify and develop new sectors with growth potential, promoting innovation and attracting investments. By creating a diverse economic landscape, the state can mitigate risks and ensure long-term stability”, he said.

Brown went on: “Enhancing transportation networks, energy systems, and telecommunications infrastructure can attract businesses, facilitate trade, and improve connectivity within and outside the state”, even as he also identified education and skill development; entrepreneurship and small business support; good governance and transparency; as well as social welfare and inclusive policies.

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