World Widows Day: CAB Foundation Cautions Against Stigmatization

As the world commemorates World Widows Day on Friday, a non governmental organization, Care Across Borders Foundation (CABF) has called for an end to the stigmatization and discrimination often faced by widows.

The group in a statement by Chairman/Founder, Rtn. Jennifer Adasa Chile, emphasized the need for support and empowerment for widows to enable them rebuild their lives and contribute to society.

She said she call is necessitated by the challenges faced by widows, and urged communities, policymakers, and individuals to take action to address the needs of the widows.

The rotarian, who is the CEO of Mammoth Marine Services Limited as well as Executive Director of Variezone Marine Services, lamented the staggering statistics of 258 million global population of widows, adding that nearly one in ten live in extreme poverty.

“Widows are often subjected to stigmatization, ostracism, and marginalization, making it difficult for them to access essential services, education, and employment opportunities”, she said.

The renowned humanitarian emphasized the urgent need to break down the barriers that widows face, stating, “Widows are often forgotten and neglected, yet they play a crucial role in society. We must work together to eliminate the stigmatization and discrimination they encounter, providing them with the support and resources necessary for their well-being.”

While advocating for widows’ rights and privileges, Chile said the World Widows Day serves as a poignant reminder of their plight, and need for urgent action so they can lead fulfilling lives.

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