Okocha Suggests How Tinubu Can Reach Out To Supporters In Rivers

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Tony Okocha has appealed to President Ahmed Tinubu to channel whatever benefits due Rivers APC through Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.

Okocha said if the benefits got to Wike they will reach them because the immediate past Governor of Rivers State knew those who worked for Tinubu in the State.

The former LOC Chairman, Tinubu Presidential Campaign Rally in Rivers State said they had noticed that some persons who abandoned Tinubu when he needed them most were now relying on their personal relationships to lay claim to entitlements for what they did not sow.

He alleged that the Leadership of the renegade APC who purportedly worked against Tinubu’s emergence had started assembling CVs of their members boasting they had powerful connections to give them positions that are due for Rivers State.

Okocha said these persons were using lies and subterfuge to lay claim to the benefits when their factions of the APC worked against Tinubu in Rivers State.

The former Chief of Staff said it is unnatural for people to seek to reap where they did not sow, warning that it is unacceptable to rob Peter to pay Paul.

According to him, his own faction of the APC were the people in the trenches during the bloodless political war to install Tinubu and deserve the right to benefit from the booties of the war.

“Our point here is that our own share should be given to us. They should be handed over to His Excellency, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike. When they get to him, they will reach us. He knows those who worked for Tinubu in the State,” Okocha said.

He took a swipe at the PDP Leadership for not appreciating the value of Wike and called on the former Governor to come over to the APC and lead them.

“It does appear to us that the leadership of the PDP in Nigeria do not appreciate the influence of Nyesom Wike. It does appear to us that the PDP do not know what they have. Wike should come over to the APC and lead us,” Okocha said.

The former Chief of Staff took time to appraise Tinubu’s performance in office and commended him for what he had achieved so far.

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