Nigerian Sensation, Fazzy, Takes Turkish Music Scene By Storm

…Singer Dad Thanks OPM General Overseer For Support  

Turkey has become an unexpected hub for the music scene, with diverse talents gracing its stages. Among them is the remarkable story of Fazzy (real name Obinna Ezeakonobi).

His journey in the music world has taken him from different backgrounds and now to new heights in Turkey where he is certainly making waves.

At just 19 years old, he is a prominent Afrobeat singer, captivating Turkish audiences with his music, amidst collaborations with European artists.

His single, ‘Many Times’ is now a regular feature on Turkish radio stations and continues to gain popularity.

Fazzy has recently been working on collaboration with a female French singer, and had a highly successful show in Turkey, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more.

The real gist is that Fazzy is one of the fortunate beneficiaries of the OPM Overseas Scholarship program, which has provided him and his younger siblings with quality university education.

These revelations about the young singing sensation was made by his dad, Bro. George Ezeakonobi, affectionately known as “Man Gee’ in the Nigerian music circles.

The renowned Port Harcourt based gospel singer, who spoke to ketochmedia on Monday, said Fazzy is the eldest of his four sons.

Man Gee said he found his passion for music at a tender age, but it was in 1985 that he decided to take his performances more seriously.

“After completing secondary school in Aba, Nigeria, I joined the Hosanna Praise Band, led by the now late Ndubuisi Kanu.

“At that time, I was singing secular songs in clubs, but a profound inspiration in 1994 led me to switch to gospel music, starting with reggae and Ariaria. However, I have now fully embraced worship music”, he said.

Reflecting on his journey, George said: “My musical journey has not been easy, and I quit music for over a decade due to discouragement. But recently, God appeared to me in a dream and gave me a beautiful melody titled ‘Jesus, Maker of the whole world.’

“I immediately recorded it, and it’s the song I’m currently working on for release.”

Man Gee has previously released albums like ‘Jabarata,’ ‘Don’t Give Up,’ ‘I Testify,’ and now, ‘Jesus Maker of the whole world,’ a worship song aimed at drawing listeners closer to God.

For now, Fazzy’s dad said he has shifted his focus from seeking stardom to worshipping the Almighty.

Notably, Man Gee is a member of the Omega Power Ministry (OPM) Music Ministry under the leadership of Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, whom he deeply appreciates for his positive impact on his family, particularly through the OPM Overseas Scholarship program.

Man Gee and his son, Fazzy have even joined forces to create a fusion of Afrobeat and Worship in a new collaboration, expected to be a hit.

He expressed his gratitude to Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere for the life-changing impact he has had on their family, saying, “How would I have given my children that quality of university education without the OPM? I can’t thank Apostle Chibuzor enough. He is a father like no other.”

The Ezeakonobi family’s musical journey, filled with inspiration and gratitude, continues to rock the music stage, proving that music can transcend boundaries and bring people closer to their faith.

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