Ogbaland, Agog As Oba Proclaims 2023 Nchaka Festival

The    people of Ogba Ethnic Nationality in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area of Rivers State both at home and indispora are now in festive mood following the proclamation of the years Ancient Nchaka (Egwu-Ogba) Festival of the people by the Oba-Eze-Ogba) in Council.

The    ancient Nchaka (Egwu-Ogba) festival which is one of the aged long and most revered End of Year festival celebrated by the people of Ogba Kingdom both at home and in abroad irrespective of their belief is an occasion that commemorates the celebration of the end of the traditional year heralding the beginning of a new season and as Ogba custom demands, during the period of this important festival, there will be no burial ceremonies, mourning, quarrel or enmity until the festivities are over, but a period of merriment, cultural displays, dancing, reconciliation, visitations and exchange of gift items.

The    period is also used to offer special prayers to God Almighty for peace, unity and rapid development of the oil and gas rich kingdom as well as for the long life and progress of her sons, daughters, in-laws friends and indeed for all good Nigerians.

The    Programme of Activities lined up for the 2023 Nchaka festival as released by the Oba in Council are as follows, (a)Nchaka Proclamation (Ekwe Nchaka) Sunday 19th November, (b) Nchaka Market (Ahia-Egwu) Monday, 27th November, (c) Women Festival (Nchaka Ka- Iyenwa) Thursday, 30th November, while the climax of the Ancient Festival men Nchaka Nchaka ka Ikenwa) will hold on Monday 4th December, in all communities in Ogba Kingdom.

The features for the 2023 Nchaka Traditional Wrestling Competition (MgbaEgwu) as also fixed are Tuesday, 5th December, for Obakata, Communities, Thursday 7th December, for Obieti Communities, Friday 8th December, for Usomini Communities, Saturday 9th December for Obosi Communities, Monday, 11th December for Obohia Communities while the people of Egi, Igburu and Usomini groups will have their wrestling days as programmed by the accredited Traditional Rulers, Ochi Oha’s, Chiefs, Elders and Opinion Leaders of those groups.

Addressing a Stakeholders Meeting made up of Traditional and Religious Leaders, Community heads, Chiefs, Opinion Leaders, the Political Class, Representatives of CDC’S, Women and Youth leaders as well as security agencies in his Palace at Omoku on Sunday, 19th November, 2023 to formally proclaim the 2023 Ogba Ancient Festival, the Oba (Eze-Ogba) of Ogbaland, His Eminence, Barr. (Dr.) Nwachuku Obuoha Nnam-Obi III described the Nchaka festival as a Holy Season meant to give collective glory to God Almighty for His Mercies and abundant blessings on Ogba Kingdom for the Past one year and to Solicit for same years ahead.

He hinted that the Festival is for all believers including the Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists noting that any Kingdom without Costom, Tradition or Culture is like a tree without tap root, a tribe or Kingdom without root, a Civil Servant with File Number or a building without foundation and therefore warned against display of diabolical object by any person or group.

Oba Nwachuku Nnam Obi III, urged the people to celebrate the festival with the usual pervading spirit of brotherliness, togetherness and charged Traditional Rulers, Chiefs, Village and Community, Leaders to ensure the maintenance of peace and order in their various communities during the celebration of the Ancient festival and warned against shooting of fireworks in realization of the inherent danger of such fireworks to life and properties.

The Eze Ogba called on all sons and daughters of Ogba Kingdom as well as their in-laws, friends and well-wishers to return home to celebrate this year’s Nchaka festival.

According to a statement issued by the palace media officer Prince Charles Amadike- Otoboh, JP, (Mboh-krikri). The Ogba king used the forum to announced that coronation of new community, family and honorary chiefs into the Ogba divisional council of traditional rulers and chiefs, otherwise known as Oba (Eze Ogba) in council will take place on 28th November, 12th and 23rd December 2023 respectively and requested the intending chiefs who have been cleared by the screening committee to take note of the dates.

All those who spoke at the occasion including the Iyasira 13th and Traditional Prime Minister of Ogbaland, HRH, Eze Louis Ajie, JP, the Eze Ali Usomini of Ogbaland, HRH, Eze Dr. Allen Osoh, JP, the Onueze, chief Azu-Buike Osiagor, the Ochi Isno, HRH John Obodo, the Eze Ali Ohali Elu, HRH Friday Onyige, the Ochi-Oha Okansu, HRH Christopher Dibia among others, thanked Oba Nwachuku Nnam Obi III, for peacefully proclaiming this year’s Nchaka (Egwu-Ogba) festival and assured him that it will be celebrated peacefully in all communities in ONELGA

This year’s Nchaka Egwu Ogba Festival proclamation day was so special as it coincided with the visit to the Oba’s palace of the 45 nation delegation of international ministerial congress of Church of God (Seventh Day) facilitated by a prominent son of Ogba kingdom, Bro. Felix Amaechi Obuah, DSSR, JP AKA Go-Round, who were in rivers state for a global spiritual gathering.

It will be recalled that Traditional Rulers, Chiefs, Elders and Elites from Umu-Ebe (Edihuru) Royal Kindred from all the towns and villages in Ogba Kingdom had met a forth night ago at the Oba Okoya Memorial Hall, within the Oba’s Palace, Omoku to fix the 2023 Nchaka Festival dates before forwarding it to Oba (Eze-Ogba) in Council for ratification and formal proclamation as Ogba customs demands.

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