Christ Army Church Nigeria Confers Knighthood On Former Executive Vice President-Upstream, NNPCL, Engr. Adokiye Tombomieye, Wife, 3 Others

In recognition of his unwavering commitment and tireless dedication to selfless services to society, the former Executive Vice President of NNPC Upstream, NNPCL, Engr. Adokiye Tombomieye was on Sunday conferred with the Knight of Garrick Braide (KGB) by the Christ Army Church Nigeria (CACN).

At a joyous ceremony held at St. Silas Pro-Cathedral CACN in Bille Kingdom, Degema Local Government Area on Sunday, dignitaries from various backgrounds joined thousands of enthusiastic attendees to celebrate Sir (Engr.) Tombomieye.  The event also honored his esteemed wife, Dame Agamaba Tombomieye, who was conferred with the Knight of Dorcas (KOD).

Other individuals also knighted at the occasion were Snr. Cate. (Barr) Iyalla G. Igani, who is also the Acting Synod Secretary, Chief Minadikipeleya E. Omu and Mr. Dumo Briggs Eleki.

L-R: Sir (Barr) Iyalla Igani, Sir (Amb.) Dumo Briggs Eleki, Dame Agamaba A. Tombomieye, Sir (Engr) Adokiye Tombomieye, OON, and Sir (Chief) Minadikibeleya Omu

Dignitaries that graced the event include the Paramount Ruler of Bille Kingdom, HRM, Igbikingeri Ngowari Cornelius Herbert, Agbaninye XVII, former Managing Director of TIMARIV, Senibo Nelson Jaja, General Manager of Radio Rivers, Sir Sampson Fiberesima and some top players in the oil and gas sector, among others.

The dignity of the occasion was further embellished by the presence of the esteemed members of the Bille Council of Chiefs, adding an air of regality to the ceremony.

Additionally, friends and well-wishers of Engr. Adokiye Tombomieye, including prominent figures from various sectors, graced the event with their distinguished presence.

Their attendance underscored the widespread respect and admiration for Engr. Tombomieye’s contributions to both the community and the nation at large.

The investiture was an event shrouded in dignity and somberness. The St. Silas Pro-Cathedral stood as a testament of beautiful craftsmanship, its towering arches adorned with intricate carvings that seemed to whisper tales of bygone eras.

The air was thick with anticipation.  From the altar, the Prelate of CACN, His Eminence, the Most Rev’d Dappa O. Abbey, bishops, the clergy as well as church members and friends of Sir (Engr) Adokiye Tombomieye, all adorned in their finest attires and filled the pews.

The knights, resplendent in their ceremonial regalia of red on black with a matching red cap, stood tall at the pew, their polished armor gleaming under the cathedral’s luminance. Their swords, etched with intricate designs, rested ceremoniously at their sides, symbols of their commitment to honor and service.

Beside Sir (Engr.) Adokiye Tombomieye stood his wife, Dame Agamaba Tombomieye, dressed in elegant red top on rich black skirt with shimmering jewels that caught the light with every movement.

As the ceremony progressed, the echoes of ancient chants filled the air, intertwining with the sweet melodies of the St. Silas Pro-Cathedral choir.

In his acceptance speech after the investiture, Sir Engr. Adokiye Tombomieye, with his wife, Dame Agamaba Tombomieye beside him, expressed profound gratitude and reflected on the motivations behind their service-oriented journey.

He said:  “Whatever I have done was not done to win an award or title. I felt I should give back to society, what God has given to me.”

He revealed that their actions were guided by a poignant hymn, one often sung during burials but carrying immense personal significance. “‘What will you be remembered for’,” he cited as the hymn that had stirred deep contemplation.

Sir Tombomieye expressed his introspection each time the hymn echoed, questioning the legacy he would leave behind. According to him, “People only remember you for what you have done on earth,” he emphasized, while highlighting the importance of service to both God and humanity.

The investiture, taking place within the sacred confines of the church, held profound significance for Tombomieye.

“Being recognized in the house of God is the ultimate,” he remarked, stressing that acknowledgment by humanity paled in comparison to recognition within the divine realm.

Grateful for being alive to witness the appreciation for their deeds, Tombomieye underscored the significance of being remembered for one’s actions in the living years. “As long as God blesses us, no matter how little, I will use it to serve humanity,” he affirmed with conviction.

Echoing her husband’s sentiments, Dame Agamaba Tombomieye concurred, “We feel much fulfilled. It’s like the beginning of a new life in the house of God.”

She pledged continued commitment to furthering the kingdom of God, recognizing that no offering is too great when dedicated to the divine.

Their joint commitment to service and profound gratitude for the recognition by the church exemplified a devotion to making a meaningful impact within their community, driven by a deeply rooted sense of purpose and faith.

In a brief but poignant sermon at the church thanksgiving, Prelate of Christ Army Church Nigeria, CACN, and President of Synod, His Eminence, Most Rev’d Dappa O. Abbey acknowledging the significance of the gathering, as he revealed that the event was his first official outing since assuming the mantle of Prelate on August 27, 2023.

Drawing inspiration from the scriptures, the Prelate took his text from Proverbs 16:7, “When a man’s ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him”, emphasizing the virtue of selflessness and the profound impact of Engr. Tombomieye’s philanthropy, while highlighting his pivotal role as the sole financier for the construction of St. Silas Pro-Cathedral, Bille.

The Prelate adorned similar praise upon Dame Agamaba, extolling her virtues as a supportive and exemplary wife while expressing gratitude for the edifice the couple had risen in reverence to God.

His voice, a blend of authority and compassion, beseeched the congregation to emulate Sir Adokiye’s path—to seek God’s favor through virtuous deeds. Amidst his exhortation, the Prelate accentuated the intrinsic significance of character, emphasizing that humanity’s paramount pursuit should revolve around actions that please the divine.

Prelate Abbey articulated fervently, declaring God’s promise of rewarding those who earnestly seek to please Him. “Support the house of God,” he implored, stressing the importance of utilizing God-given resources to fulfill His purpose. “God rejoices in deeds that yield value,” he affirmed, underlining the divine delight in humanity’s benevolent acts.

Resonating with conviction, he pressed upon the assembly the importance of leaving a legacy that echoes positively in the annals of remembrance. “Our debt to God is the pursuit of His pleasure,” he asserted resolutely.

Drawing parallels from the scripture, Prelate Abbey invoked the examples of Modechiah, Daniel, Moses, Jesus, Paul, and the Apostles—beacons who pleased God and reaped divine rewards. He charged the knights, urging them to perpetually remember the church and tend to its needs, aligning their endeavors with God’s purpose.

The Prelate also praised Sir. Tombomieye for his commitment to education, providing scholarships to numerous sons and daughters of the Bille Kingdom, a gesture that has empowered countless individuals.

As his words settled like sacred echoes within the cathedral’s walls, the congregation absorbed the essence of his sermon—a clarion call to pursue a life that resonates with divine favor and selfless service, echoing the eternal echoes of God’s rewarding grace.

Speaking on the sidelines, former Managing Director of TIMARIV and a bosom friend of Sir (Engr.) Adokiye Tombomieye, Senibo Nelson Jaja described as remarkable, Sir Tombomieye’s dedication to the welfare of both the church and humanity.

“His philanthropic efforts stand as a testament to his selfless nature. He operates with a genuine concern for people, embodying a spirit of giving without seeking recognition. This investiture is a well-deserved acknowledgment, not just for this particular church but for numerous others that have benefited from his generosity.

“Adokiye’s exceptional commitment sets him apart.  To give away more than half of one’s earnings requires incredible determination, a testament to his strong will. His contribution in building not only this church but several others speaks volumes about his unwavering support for communities.

“My sincere advice to him would be to continue being his authentic self and persist in these altruistic endeavors. His impact is truly commendable, and the world needs more individuals like him.” he said.

Highlight of the ceremony was an ‘Ambassador of Christ Army Church Nigeria (ACACN) award bestowed on Sir (Engr) Adokiye Tombomieye  and his wife, Dame (Mrs.) Agamaba Tombomieye for their selfless services, commitments and charitable deeds to society.

The church also admitted Ladies Auxiliary (wives of the knights) with a call for them to remain dutiful and exemplary wives of their husbands.

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