Celebrations Galore As Dignitaries Grace Dr. Chidi Orlu’s Birthday Anniversary In Isiokpo

Distinguished guests from various spheres of society converged at Dr. Chidi Emmanuel Orlu’s country home in Isiokpo, headquarters of Ikwerre Local Government Area over the weekend to commemorate his 60th birthday anniversary.

Dr. Orlu, the esteemed Chairman of the Association of National Accountancy of Nigeria (ANAN) in Rivers state and the National Financial Secretary of the association, was also lauded for his role as the Chairman of the Master Bakers Association of Nigeria in Rivers state.

A multitude of friends and well-wishers, speaking to reporters present at the event, hailed Dr. Orlu as a paragon of humility and a guiding light within his generation.

Acknowledging his entrepreneurial acumen, they emphasized his significant contribution to Nigeria’s employment landscape, providing opportunities for thousands of youths and effectively curbing societal criminality.

In an address during a reception held as part of his birthday celebration, Dr. Orlu espoused the virtues he believes lead to success—hard work, determination, patience, and perseverance. He emphasized that these qualities pave the way for one’s ascent in life, underscoring their pivotal role in achieving personal milestones.

During a Thanksgiving service at the St. James Anglican Church in Alimini Isiokpo, Dr. Orlu shared his life’s narrative, describing himself as a product of unique circumstances, born two decades after his parents’ marriage.

He highlighted his deep-seated belief in a higher purpose, attributing his existence to divine providence while acknowledging the challenges and risks he encountered along his life journey.

Rev. Polister Chigbu, addressing congregants during the service, commended Dr. Orlu’s act of gratitude towards God for the gift of life, emphasizing the significance of acknowledging divine blessings.

The clergyman praised Dr. Orlu for his support towards the church and his substantial contribution towards employment generation for Nigerian youths, urging others to emulate his philanthropic gestures.

The celebration reached its pinnacle with the ceremonious cutting of the birthday cake, marking a joyous culmination of the festivities. Notably, the event was graced by dignitaries from diverse sectors, underscoring Dr. Chidi Emmanuel Orlu’s wide-reaching influence and impact across various spheres of society.

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