Rivers People React To Nwanosike’s  Comments On Gov Fubara

Samuel Nwanosike, the Ikwerre Local Government Council Chairman has attracted venom to himself over alleged irresponsible comments he made against Governor Sim Fubara.

Nwanosike was quoted as calling Sim Fubara a foolish Governor and even insinuated that he plotted the recent Abuja kidnappings that put the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike on the spotlight.

He was also quoted as alleging that the Rivers state Governor was paying Chijioke Ihunwo, the Chairman of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Rivers State to insult Nyesom Wike, Minister of FCT.

Nwanosike’s vituperations had since attracted a barrage of attacks from Rivers people and commentators.

While some people are calling for his arrest for his ‘bad verses’, others wondered how an ordinary local government chairman could insult the Chief executive Officer of the State. They warned him to retrace his steeps, or in the alternative face the wrath of Rivers people.

Here are some of their words as they unleashed them during a popular radio programme:

Barikuma Maabara: Nwanosike should be arrested for insulting the governor of Rivers State. He should be made to understand that the Governor is the Chief Security Officer of the state, who should not be spoken to anyhow. Security agents should arrest him immediately.

Victor Chris: Imagine an ordinary local government chairman calling the Chief Executive Officer of a state, a foolish governor. That is the height of irresponsibility.

Oke Madu; It is only in Rivers State that you can see this nonsense happen, a local government chairman insulting a governor and nobody is saying anything.

Chizi Abara; Nwanosike has bitten more than he can chew. Imagine his insinuation that Governor Fubara plotted the recent Abuja kidnappings. What a baseless allegation. Can he come out and prove it? Can he also prove the allegation that the governor was paying Chijioke Ihunwo to insult Wike? The onus is on him to prove the allegations.

Oke Ikeazor: Nwanosike should bury his face in shame for insulting the Chief Executive Officer of the State. His diatribe shows his level of intelligence, or lack of it. He behaves and acts like a tout who should not mingle with decent people in the society. Let him rather channel his inelegant statements to his godfather.

Neebara Baarali: I can see Wike will put many people in trouble in his fight with Governor Fubara. It is however the foolish ones that will fall inside the traps he had laid- foolish ones like Nwanosike.

Bright Njoku: Those who think that one man can use them to trample on the rights of millions of Rivers people, should be warned to desist from accepting hatchet jobs from their pay masters. This is a warning to them because very soon Rivers people will swoop on those that are conspiring to derail development in the state.

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