Economic Summit Aimed To Transform Rivers Into Investment Haven – Mayor Of Housing

…Says Fleeing Businesses Heading To Garden City

My-ACE China, widely recognized as the “Mayor of Housing” and a renowned real estate success strategist, has expressed optimism about the upcoming Rivers State Investment and Economic Summit, asserting that it will significantly boost the state’s economy and attract fleeing businesses from other parts of Nigeria.

In an interview with journalists on the sidelines of the Rivers State Economic and Investment summit which ended in Port Harcourt on Thursday, China highlighted that businesses are increasingly relocating from the northern regions, plagued by banditry, and from Lagos, which is undergoing extensive demolition exercises.

 He emphasized the urgency for the Rivers State government to take measures to accommodate these incoming businesses.

“The time has come to reverse the economic slide of Rivers State. The state has immense potential that needs to be harnessed,” China stated.

He pointed out the high-quality sand in Rivers State, once home to the West African Glass Industry, as an untapped resource.

China praised the decision to discuss the economic summit on Pidgin English radio stations, ensuring inclusivity for all business operators.

“It means all business people can grasp the concept and objectives of the summit,” he noted, explaining that effective communication is crucial for brand building and economic development.

He further elaborated that the summit will aim to align perception with reality, dispelling misconceptions about the state’s economic and social conditions. “Economic summits are about planning and leveraging advantages. It’s about making informed decisions to drive better results.”

Addressing the role of the state government, China applauded Governor Siminalayi Fubara for his proactive approach in the housing sector, particularly the 20,000 housing scheme initiated shortly after his inauguration.

“Few governors have the tenacity to continue projects amidst challenges. His focus on peace and development is commendable,” China remarked.

China also acknowledged the governor’s efforts in issuing more Certificates of Occupancy (CofO) in one year than his predecessors, making land acquisition easier for developers. “This builds investor confidence and fosters economic growth.”

The Mayor of Housing emphasized the strategic importance of enhancing security and infrastructure to attract investments.

He highlighted the significant potential in Rivers State’s agriculture sector, particularly in oil palm and cassava production, as identified in the Nigeria Export Promotion Council’s One-State-One-Product (OSOP) scheme.

China expressed concerns about the underutilization of projects like the Songhai Farm initiative and advocated for their revitalization through privatization.

He stressed that the economic summit would address these issues, listing companies ready for investment and detailing opportunities in a comprehensive handbook.

Reflecting on the positive public sentiment observed during recent state events, China linked economic prosperity with public morale. “Happiness fosters economic growth.

A smiling face sells more,” he commented, noting the importance of a content populace for a thriving economy.

China concluded by urging the state to leverage its rich resources and strategic position as Nigeria’s hydrocarbon hub. “Rivers State should remain an investor’s paradise, as it once was when wealth was productivity-based.”

He outlined key expectations from the summit, including the unveiling of new incentives, tax waivers, and enhanced Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) measures.

“The competition between Rivers and neighboring Abia State, which boasts steady power, will drive development, especially in gateway towns like Oyigbo,” China predicted. With optimism and strategic vision, the Mayor of Housing believes the Rivers State Investment and Economic Summit will catalyze a new era of economic growth and transformation, positioning Port Harcourt as a beacon for businesses across Nigeria.

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