Igweburuike Owhormka Mba Crowned Paramount Ruler Of Rumuorosi Clan

An illustrious son of Rumuorosi in Apara Kingdom, Igweburuike Owhormka Mba has been enthroned as Paramount Ruler of Rumuorosi Clan.

Igweburuike whose traditional title is, Eze Otu Ekwe-bu Obna III was crowned on Monday March 27,2023 by the Eze Oha Apara IV/Paramount Ruler, Apara Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Eze Chike Amadi Worlu Wodo JP .

At the coronation ceremony which took place at his palace in Ekinigbo, Eze Wodo said the throne of Rumuorosi Clan had been vacant for over 30 years since the demise of the former occupant, stressing that he had used Igweburuike Mba to replace him.

The Eze Oha Apara said Eze Igweburuike should see the crown as service to humanity and advised him to use the exalted position to serve his people of Rumuorosi and Apara Kingdom at large.

The last occupant of the stool, Eze Gabriel Obunezi Amadi,we gathered, died about 2004 and since that time the stool had been vacant.

In an interview after the coronation, Eze Igweburuike Owhormka Mba said his enthronement meant liberation for his people who for over 30 years the throne was vacant had not been represented or their voice heard at Council of Chiefs meetings. He said with his position as paramount ruler, all that will stop as he will give his people voice in the gathering of Chiefs and bring what is due for them.

The Eze Otu Ekwe-bu Obna III of Orosi predicted that God would use him in a mighty way to do great things for his community, to lead the people in the paths of righteousness, stressing that his reign will bring light, development and prosperity.

Hear Eze Igweburuike:”To the glory of God, today I have been crowned as Paramount Ruler of Rumuorosi, and I know that God will use me mightly to do great things in this community, to lead my people in the paths of righteousness, to lead my people to see the light and prosperity.

“Nobody has been speaking for us. If you go to the Council of Chiefs Meetings, nobody speaks for the community, a lot of things have passed us by. But with my ascending the throne, it will no longer be like that.”

In the days to come, Eze Igweburuike will be inducted into the Apara Kingdom Council of Traditional Rulers and Chiefs, which would automatically make him a member of the highly prestigious body.

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