Gokana Council Chairman Advocates Inclusive Campaign for Religious Harmony In Rivers

As a move aimed at fostering unity and peaceful coexistence among diverse religious communities in Rivers State, the Executive Chairman of Gokana Local Council Area, Hon. Confidence Deko has called on religious leaders to adopt inclusive crusades to ensure religious harmony in the State.

The Gokana council boss who stated this on the sidelines while speaking to journalists at the close of the 2023 Special Synod of the Christ Army Church Nigeria (CACN), on Sunday at St. Stephen’s Pro Cathedral, CACN, Ogoloma in Okrika Local Government Area on Sunday, stressed the importance of respecting and understanding each other’s beliefs.

He told reporters that a peaceful and harmonious society could only be achieved through mutual respect and dialogue among intra and inter-religious groups.

As part of this campaign, Hon. Deko announced a series of interfaith dialogue sessions that will bring together leaders and representatives from various religious backgrounds, stressing that these sessions are intended to provide a platform for open discussions, where individuals can share their perspectives, dispel misconceptions, and build bridges of understanding.

The chairman also suggested a system where local communities could be engaged through educational workshops, cultural exchange events, and collaborative projects that highlight the common values shared by different religious traditions, adding that by showcasing the similarities that exist between religions, the campaign aims to dispel stereotypes and promote unity.

He added that recognizing the role of youth in shaping the future, there is need to involve young people in these initiatives, suggesting the convention of a youth-led task force that will actively participate in organizing events and spreading the message of religious harmony through various channels, including social media and community outreach programs.

Hon. Confidence Deko who had earlier pledged a financial token to support the Christ Army Church Nigeria, expressed optimism that the campaign would contribute to building a more inclusive and tolerant society, where people from all walks of life could live together in harmony.

He encouraged all citizens of Rivers State to embrace the campaign’s values and work collectively towards a future defined by understanding, respect, and unity.

The Gokana Council Chairman, Hon. Deko presented an award of Excellence to the retired Prelate of Christ Army Church Nigeria, His Eminence, the Most Rev. Vurasi for his dedication to God’s work.

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