How Ahoada Divisional Police Officer, SP Bako Was Killed

Suspected Iceland cult members reportedly led by one ‘General’ 2Baba last week Friday  abducted and killed SP Bako Angbashim after he ran out of ammunition during a raid on the cultists’ camp at Odeimude community in Ahoada East LGA.

We learnt that in continous raid of cultists camp in Ahoada East, SP Angbashim led detectives to Odumude community to raid the camp of suspected Iceland cult leader.

Sources informed our news desk that a shoot out ensued and in the process the Police officers reportedly ran out of ammunition.

Our source disclosed that SP Angashim was captured alive by the suspected cultists when he tried to retreat.

Hours after he was captured by the suspected cultists, video surfaced online showing the dead body of SP Angbashim and his severed head, penis and hand with the hoodlums taunting him(SP Bako),  “you want to challenge Iceland cult groups.


Giving an insight into the killing of SP Bako, the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Grace Iringe Koko explained that SP Bako Angbashim, alongside his dedicated team, embarked on a raid of known criminal blackspots in the region.

She said the operation led to a pursuit of criminals from their concealed hideouts. Tragically, as they were returning from this operation, they were ambushed by a significant number of criminals who opened fire on the brave officers.

SP Koko disclosed that in the face of this adversity, SP Bako Angbashim valiantly held his ground, while his men, depleted of ammunition, made a tactical retreat. Regrettably, during this engagement, SP Bako Angbashim sustained fatal injuries, and one of his informants was also injured, currently receiving medical care for a gunshot wound.

The Police Image Manager revealed that the criminals seized the body of SP Bako Angbashim, forcing the remaining officers to return to their base for reinforcement. Efforts were made to rescue and recover the DPO’s body, with assistance sought from the Army teams stationed at FOB Base Etraco.

However, the operation proved challenging due to the extremely dark conditions within the dense bush.

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