Kalabari Kingdom Inaugurates Committees For Late Monarch’s Burial

In preparation for a befitting burial of the late monarch of the Kalabari kingdom, His Serene Majesty, Late King Prof. T. J. T Princewill, the Amachree XI, the Central Working Committee as well as the Chairmen and Secretaries of sub committees  have been inaugurated.

Inaugurating the  committees, the Regent of the Kalabari kingdom, Alabo Dr Charles I. T. Numbere Princewill recalled what the kingdom has gone through in respect of the demise of the monarch.

He told the committee members that their task is a daunting one and asked them to do their best in ensuring a peaceful and befitting transition of their late monarch.

He described the committee members as fortunate to be called upon to do this one important assignment for the Kalabari kingdom, adding that though they may not be the best, but they must do their best as their best is required.

He urged them to face this singular assignment with gusto and maximum commitment with a view to writing their names in the annals of history of the Kalabari kingdom.

Expressing belief that they will do the assignment well, the Regent asked them not to be discouraged by pockets of discordant persuasions adding that the hour calls for strong minds with great hearts and thanked them for accepting to do the time consuming and non salary paying task for the Kalabari kingdom.

In his acceptance speech, Sir Dan Amachree who spoke on behalf of the co-chairman, Chief David Briggs expressed surprise at the number and caliber of people chosen to do the task.

He thanked the Regent and his council for choosing them and promised to do the assignment to the best of their abilities.

He asked for the cooperation of all Kalabari and reminded the committee members of the need to promote the peace of the kingdom.

A total of 782 persons are to serve in various committees for the burial of Amachree the 11th  with the mandate of making necessary arrangements and budgets.

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