ONELGA Chairman Bolsters Regional Security, Commissions Okwuzi Police Station

In a concerted effort to enhance security in the Niger Delta region, Chairman of Ogba Egbema Ndoni Local Government Area (ONELGA), Hon. Vincent Job has unveiled the newly renovated Okwuzi Divisional Police Headquarters.

Speaking at the ceremony on Friday, the Chairman emphasized that the facility stands as a beacon of hope, aiming to fortify safety and order in the area.

Hon Job underscored the critical need to address the escalating security challenges even from the five neighboring states.

He conveyed his commitment to fostering a safer environment by investing in crucial infrastructure and fostering collaborative efforts among stakeholders.

A stakeholder in the community, Chief (Dr) Ekperi Nelson in his speech, echoed the sentiment of unity and applauded the local government’s dedication to bolstering security measures.

He emphasized the community’s role in collaborating with law enforcement to maintain a peaceful coexistence.

Present at the event was the Police Area Commander, ACP Mohammed Mahe, who commended the local government’s support in revamping the police station.

Mahe expressed optimism that the upgraded facilities would enable the police force to respond more effectively to incidents and maintain law and order.

Other stakeholders present also voiced their appreciation for the initiative and highlighted the importance of a secure community in fostering growth and development.

The commissioning of the Okwuzi Divisional Police Headquarters marks a significant milestone in the efforts to enhance security, with Hon. Job reaffirming his commitment to tirelessly work towards a safer and more prosperous ONELGA.

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